Buying Ficus Pumila for Terrarium: Slug-Free

Jeffrey SchneiderAugust 21, 2012


I have purchased Ficus Pumila for my terrariums in the past.

The plant is expensive when bought from online terrarium resources. I recently bought a number online via a garden sight. However, the plants were full of slugs and I had to treat the terrarium with CO2.

Does anyone have any recommendations for an online well-priced resource for Ficus Pumila?



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I know that Rob's violets sells them. Here is that link:

Rob's Violets

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I forgot to say to look under terrarium plants.


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paul_(z5 MI)

Sorry so late with this, Jeff, but haven't popped on here in ages.

F. pumila is very common at the BBSs like Lowes and HD, at least in my area. They are sold in hanging baskets (6"-8" I think) for $9-10. Much less if you find one in the "death row" section.

IME slugs and snails are harder to kill with the CO2 method. I suspect their O2 requirement is simply so low that they can nap through a CO2 treatment.

The best way to ensure that you do not introduce the irritating mollusks is to using cuttings.

Happy planting!

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Jeffrey Schneider

The cuttings idea is GENIUS. Dry ice is cheap... gets rid of the slugs, but NOT snails and it's a pain!!

Classy Ground Covers offers a pack of 24 for $102.48 ($4.27 each)... slug and snail infested, but worth it.

I think I'll keep the slug and snail infested plants in isolation and use the cuttings or do a bunch of cuttings in one sitting.

Brilliant out of the box thinking Paul!!!


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