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ladywillowhawkAugust 13, 2009

I have been given this project to grow a terrarium and I would like to know what basic plants would thrive in a 15 & 20 gallon aquariums that I have to make into terrariums. I've got the basics down like the pebbles & small stones, charcoal & potting soil, but I don't know what would live in the terrarium besides your basic violets,& ivies. I have to have colour, sizes, and fragrance & know the Latin names as well as the layman's term. I'm a new member & need the knowledge and experience of others. The small library we have was no use to me at all & I can use all the help I can get. Could anyone help me please?

Lady Willow Hawk

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I was hoping that someone would help and give advice please. I'm desperate for help. Any and all advice will be appreciated very much!
Lady Willow Hawk

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ohsixthirty(Zone 6)

don't know if this is helpful...but here's a list i made...

-Terrarium Plants-

Rhizomatous begonias
Air plants (tillandsias)
Cryptanthus (earth star)
-Carniverous plants
Maidenhair fern
Davallia, humata, polypodium (footed ferns)
Button fern
-Gesneriads (african violet family)
Codonanthes (aurora)
Streptocarpus (cape primrose)
Episcia & alsia (flame violet)
Saintpaulia (african violet)
Selaginella (club or spike moss)
Peacock moss
Ludisia discolor (jewel orchid)
Paphipedilum (lady's slipper)
Phalaenopsis (moth orchid)
-Ornamental grass
Pennisetum setaceum
Acorus gramineus (pusillus sedge)
Cyperus (papyrus)
Fiber optic grass.
P. Caperata (emerald ripple)
P. Glabella (cyperus p.)
P. Incana (felted p.)
P. Peruviana (mini watermelon p.)
P. Rotundifolia (prostrate p.)
P. Glauca (aquamarine)
P. Involucrata (friendship plant)
P. Nummularifolia (creeping Charlie)
P. Microphylla (artillery plant)
-Ajuga reptans (bugle weed)
Chocolate chip, metallica crispa
purpurea, burgundy glow
-Biophytum sensitivim (sensitive plant)
-Cuphea hyssopifolia (Hawaiian heather,
elfin herb)
-Cyanotis pumila (Teddy bear vine)
-Ficus pumila (Creeping fig)
Snowflake, quercifolia, minima ficus
benjamina (too little)
-Mosaic plant
Busy lizzie, mini hawaiian, I. Repens
-Ledebouria socialis (silver quill)
-Malphighia coccigera (miniature holly)
-Maranta & calathea (prayer plants)
M. Leuconeura, C. Picturata, C.
micans, C. Musaica
-Muehlenbeckia (maidenhair vine)
-Saxifraga stolonfera (strawberry
geranium or mother of thousands)
-Serissa foetida (snow rose)
-Soleirolia soleirolii (baby's tears)
-Solenostemon scutellaroides (coleus)
Inky fingers, india frills, charlie
-Tetranema roseum (mexican foxglove)
-Tolmiea menziesii (piggyback plant)

Wood hyacinth, lilly of the valley,
chirita, nerve plant, waffle plant

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

To the above I'd add that the key is what temps will you maintain?? The easiest obviously are room temps therefore "lowland tropical" Next comes how much water . This can run from completely dry to submerged, again due to the tendancy of a terrarium to hold humidity as well as water "Lowland tropical " is the easiest to create as well as maintain.
You can grow anything in a terrarium if you provide the proper conditions . So decide what type of terrarium you want and then select the plants from those species.
Even soil is not required since there are hundreds of species that don't grow in soil .My favorite are "lowland tropical epiphytes" though the most fantastic I've ever seen was a high altitude cloud forest setup. desert setups are also fantastic but both are tough to maintain first from low temps and second from low humidity. gary

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