REALLY- What are the best ingredients for raised beds?

elstenMarch 26, 2007

So I have two raised beds already made and positioned in my yard. They are lined on the bottom and ready to be filled. The problem is that everything I read tells me something different. Mel's Mix is good. Mel's Mix is awful. Top soil it fine to purchase. Top soil is usually a rip-off. Adding compost is the only way to go. Compost is too expensive.

HELP! I do want to fill the beds with new matter. (Not ammend the old soil. It's gone.) I don't want to spend a ton of money. I already have a small amount of compost from my bin, 3 bags of manure, and a couple of bags of vermiculite. I've heard the Compost Farm in Franklin is awesome, but it will be expensive to deliver all the way to south Nashville where I live. Other area nursery soil mixes I've called about are topsoil and SOME ammendments. Advice? Anything...

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When I made my raised beds some years back I went to a landscaping supply company in Chattanooga and bought a gardening mix. I paid twenty some dollars a yard for it. It has worked real well for me. Of course I amend it with stuff every year. I have my own pick up truck so I don't have to worry about delivery cost.


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