new-gardener123(6/7)March 16, 2010

I once found a website saying there was a place out toward Ashland City Hwy that was run by metro (public works I guess) and you could purchase mulch and compost by the truckload. Anyone know anything about that?

Or any other ideas of where to get compost to add to the vegetable garden?



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There used to be a place in Hendersonville or Gallatin where we would go and get free mulch. Might be the same sort of deal.

Do you make your own and just need more? if you don't do your own composting, it's easy. Just save your veggie scraps (uncooked), grass clippings, dead leaves & such - add a little year old manure and wait. see my blog post about a good container below

Here is a link that might be useful: compost bin

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If you're not too far from Murfreesboro, you can get free Mulch at the city's facility on Florence Road (Monday thru Friday).

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