cricket housing and handeling tips

angelo_s(z6 NY)August 8, 2005

I have noticed from reading several of these forms that everyone doesnt like to deal with crickets but I have a few tips on handeling and houseing them I buy 1000 every 2 weeks.

1. Buy from the internet- They are a lot cheaper $10-$20 for 1000

2. Use rabbit food for bedding- It provides food and most important it gets rid of the smell

3. use cricket drink gel- water/cotton promots more bacteria and has too be changed more frequently

4. save your emty paper towel rolls- They love to hide in there and when its feeding time all you do is take the roll out cover the ends with your hands and shake it into your pets tank you never have to touch crickets agin

If the criket cage is too small use empty toilet paper rolls instead

5. gut load- use it the rabbit food is more for the oder and no veggies or fruit you have to clean it more this way

6. cleaning- I cleaned my tank once every 2 weeks (when the new batch arrived) all you need to do is emty every thing out I just flushed it down the toilet then wash with hot water and dry the tank thats it

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Thank you for those tips! I'm planning to get some FBTs, so these tips will come in handy!

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

One question .How do you keep them from
Seems no matter what i do some always manage to get out.
Ius eleaf litter bedding as I want the pinheads so I have to breed them myself. i use them for my birds who feed them to their chicks. So I feed vegetables of all kinds and put multivitamins in the water source. Still sprinle them with calcium just before feeding. Problem is a pair will
go through 600 to a 1000 crickets in one clutch!!
They sometimes will reject crickets so I have to have wax and meal worms also and again they must be tiny.
What a chore lol

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angelo_s(z6 NY)

I put them in a ten gallon tank with a screen top and I use foam innsulation the kind that looks like a roll of tape. I tape the sides of the tank going all around so when I put back the screen top it has a tight seal just a note I use adult size crickets I do see one or two crawling around my house sometimes but I think that they are escaping from the other tank that I keep my herps in that mesh is a little bit bigger than the one in the cricket tank

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What's the trick for encouraging breeding? My crickets seem to be thriving and there's moist, diggable substrate in the bottom but I never see any babies.

I bought some really large sized ones this time hoping that they'd be more ripe for breeding. That sounds kind of strange...

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