Vertical zucchini - with multiple stems... whoops?

slowjane CA/ Sunset 21May 18, 2014

Hi all,

I am attempting my first sfg veggie garden - and trying to grow a Black Beauty zucchini vertically in a tomato cage - with the intention of attaching another tomato cage upside down to the first one as it gets taller.

However....I somehow didn't realize that there are multiple stems on my plant - looks like three now - main one is inside the cage - the other two are escaping out the sides. Have I made a mistake by not pruning it to one stem initially? Is there any hope of growing it vertically or should I just let it sprawl at this point? Or add stakes for the other two stems? Trying to figure out this plants growth habit is blowing my mind a little.

For instance, does the stem move upwards as it grows, taking leaves with it so you need to push each one through or will it grow upwards adding new leaves so if a few old ones have escaped it will be okay? Sorry if that is very confusing... my brain is baked from the sun today. ;)

Any help much appreciated!!

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I'd prune off the bottom leaves as it grows. I don't know best method with the cage because I staked mine, pruning the bottom leaves and tying the vine to the stake as it grew.

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