Any Hoya growers in Knoxville Tn

teisa(6)March 18, 2013

I wondered if there was any Hoya growers in Knoxville? I've grown Hoyas for 3 years and would love to meet someone local to do some trades with... Anyone interested?

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Yes, I am a hoya head!! Love them.

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I have collected Hoyas for many years! A local swap sounds great!

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Hey this makes 3 of us!! I guess not many others. Maybe we could meet up in town sometime this summer.... I like the idea!

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Sounds good to me, Teisa! What Hoyas are on your wish list?

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I have one large, ancient Hoya, which I believe is Hoya carnosa. I can not be certain of this tentative identification since it has been a long time since it bloomed and my memory may be flawed. I rescued it from the trash can about 20 years ago and it only had a few stems with dry, almost, but not completely, lifeless leaves. Now, it is huge--so much so that it is hard to get it outside during the summer, hence the lack of flowers. I understand that probably everyone who grows hoyas has this one, but if anyone wants a slip, or 2 or 3, I will be happy to share either at a hoya swap or the fall plant swap. Just let me know. I plan to move it outside under a shade tree this summer so perhaps it will bloom this year. It has a very strong fragrance.


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