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newbie_in_cordovaMarch 19, 2009

I'm new to homeownership and new to the Midsouth. My previous gardening experience was a Northern Michigan vegetable garden as a child and apartment balcony boxes with flowers in Virginia. I've been reading a lot about southern gardening and I've got big plans for our home in Cordova.

First though, I want to plant the flower beds in the front lawn (facing south) with a budget-friendly, full sun, low growing perennial flower. I'd like to put the seeds straight in the ground at the end of April and see some progress by the end of summer. I can wait for perfect results. What variety of flowers would you suggest? I'm considering lantana, dianthus, and campanula. They will be the only color in the front of the house (for now), so something striking is welcome. Thanks for any ideas/tips!

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Hi and welcome, personally I am partial to lantana because it attracts hummers and butterflies but I have never grown it from seed. However one caveot is you have to find a variety that will withstand winter like Miss Huff. The other thing is you can't cut it back at the end of the season. The stems are hollow and and if you cut them then water will get in during the winter and freeze/kill the plant. Also there is a plant swap on 5/2 for our area, even if you don't have anything to trade do come we always have extras and we would love to have our swap family grow!!


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Welcome to Memphis. I do hope you come meet us in May. I am sure there will be plenty to share. I know I will have some perentials to share.

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