Where to find Cork Bark?

jmcat(5)September 10, 2007

I am looking to replant one of my terrariums with a bigger waterfall, a background, some bromeliads, and some other plants. My question is: Where can I buy cork bark for the background, or rather, what kinds of stores will sell it (I'd prefer to get it locally)? Could I find it at, say, Petco?



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paul_(z5 MI)

If you're refering to natural 'panels'/sections of corkbark, I've never seen any at Petco or any other generic big petstore. Some orchid nurseries sell it. I got some from Larry's Orchids. I avoided paying postage as I ran into him at an orchid show. The panels are irregular in size so do keep that in mind.

If you have any specialty petstore, especially ones that focus on exotic animals, you might find some there.

You might check at a herp show. Though I haven't seen any sold at the one I attend, I suppose some places might.

Now alternatively, you could try getting cork like you would for a corkboard and decorate that -- gluing peat or branches to it. I'm going to be giving that a try myself. Michael's Arts & Crafts has rolls 48" long and of differing heights. My intent is to peat moss it, perhaps glue some small branches or bark to it and then have my cork bark panels over top of that. [My hope is to get a little bit of dimension and to have the board cork "fill in" the spots that the cork bark does not.] The board cork is a LOT cheaper than the cork bark, btw -- especially if you happen to have one of Michael's 50% off on item coupons.

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Thanks for the info, Paul. I'm interested in hearing updates as to how the cork board works. Thanks again!

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I have a pickup load of oak cork bark. It is from a cork oaktree. Pieces vary in size from 2" square to 12" square and 1/2 ti 2" thick. Its available free you pick up.

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paul_(z5 MI)

Dang! Wish you were in easy driving distance for me, Tony -- I would definitely take you up on that if I could.

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Anyone have any cork bark in or near central PA?

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paul_(z5 MI)

Terri, keep you eyes open (or Google) for orchid shows w/in driving distance -- a number of orchid venders carry cork bark.

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