Commercial seeds coming home.

ishareflowersMarch 5, 2013

I mailed the following packages today...... If you were short postage, it is listed. If you have no figure, you either had enough or your change is in the package.

gardengramma- 9500110892573064414580- you were short .1.05 postage


Zackey- 9500110892573064410872




kousa-donated veggie seeds- she wanted no veggies in return but wanted to share! I sent her the flower seeds that she wanted and paid her return postage as a thank you.

aard- 9500110892573064408343

Rhodes- short .23 postage2 stamps in your first envy and I found your other 3 in your second package. I was googly eyed that night because I had worked on seeds for so long!


Gardenerz- 9500110892573064466299

jas_il- 9500110892573064467159- short .14


Meimei- 9500110892573064468798


I will spend the rest of today trying to fine tune the rest of the envelopes and will likely mail them tomorrow.

Please post here when you receive your package.


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short hmmm..

Lisa do you have paypal? I can pay right away or I will mail money in a day or two. Please let me know. Sorry for the trouble.

Can't wait to get the seeds. Thanks for the hard work and hosting the swap.

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Today I mailed the rest of the packages, with the exception of Jaynine and HappyGardener.....I forgot to put the labels on them. ooopppps!

Imabirdnut, you sent me a delivery conf slip and prepaid postage stamp, they wouldn't let me use it! They said that it had to be used the day it was printed. I paid 3.31 to mail your package, you had enclosed $, I paid 2.31.....The clerk left your prepaid label under the one that I paid for at my request so you could see that it wasn't used by me!!!!

Jaynine and HappG, It is starting to sleet here now and could possibly snow until Friday. I will get your packages out asap!

I hope the flower gardeners are happy with their packages. This year was a challenge as lots of the same seeds came in.

Please post here when you receive your packages..


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What a nice surprise in the mailbox today =) thank you so much!

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Hi Lisa,

my car's in the shop so tomorrow afternoon will mail postage,

Thank you so much for all your hard work!!!

Best wishes,


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Watch your mail, I'll send you what I was short, my apologies, thanks for all your hard work on this.

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Mailed postage today. Hope it will be there in 2-3 days.


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crystalline_ca(z9 CA)

Hi Lisa,
I received my package of seeds today with many more seed packets than I sent in. What a great selections! Thank you so much for your hard work!

Thanks everyone for sharing. Have a great growing season!

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No rush on my account. It's been a very busy few weeks so I'm behind schedule for sowing my seeds anyway. Stay safe and warm!

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My wonderful bubbler of delight and surprise arrived yesterday. Thanks so much!!!

Great everything!

Happy Friday and have super weekend!


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It was like Christmas! I got my seeds yesterday and have spent the morning on google up some of the seeds I received, I'm excited to get my new gardens planted this year. Lisa, thank you for all your hard work, it was great and I will remember to look early next year for another swap, this is the best swap I've joined so far.

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atravers(zone 5)

Many thanks to you for all your hard work. I was absolutely delighted with my packet. This was a fabulous swap - you are a great host!!! Thanks again!

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Received my seeds today and it truly was a wonderful assortment. Thank you Lisa and all those who sent in seeds. Received many seeds that I have been wanting to sow. A great BIG THANK YOU to all!


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Woo-Hoo! Got my seeds today! Wow! You are amazing! Such variety and not one thing I wouldn't like! Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful swap!

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I got mine today, thanks bunches.
great swap

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Got my seeds today. Nice varieties. Excited about kochia grass too which I really wanted. Can't wait to grow them. Thanks a lot.

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Sorry, I did not know that a new thread was started. I just want to say thank you so much for the wonderful assortment of flower seeds that Lisa sent me. They are a great beginning to my journey and adventure in gardening. Many thanks,


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Received your seeds, Lisa, and they are just wonderful - thank you.

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I received mine today. I thought I had sown myself down to only having a hundred and fifty or so selections left to sow, but I will be adding some of these great seeds to my "sow" queue.
Thank you Lisa. You are unique in the universe.

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My seeds arrived today, and the selection was fantastic!
Good job, Lisa and thank you for all the work you put into this swap every year! It's the best!

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hibiscusfan zone5-Northwest Ohio(5 northwest Ohio)

Received my seeds yesterday, thanks for the good selection.

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A huge THANK YOU for the amazing selection!!!! I have a lot of looking-up-germinating-requirements in my future with these.

Also thank you for all your hard work. This must have been really something to coordinate!

Best wishes,


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got my seeds thanx a bunch still have four feet of snow here so not putting anything in yet middle of next month will start tomatos inside.
best wishes

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zzackey(8b GA)

I got my seeds today! Thanks so much for the giant pumpkins and for your generousity!!

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I got my package today! My four year old was so happy about the sunflowers! Thanks so much!


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zzackey(8b GA)

I got my seeds yesterday! Thanks for the wonderful assortment and so many seeds and so many seed packs. Very grateful for the 2 giant pumpkin varieties!! I still need to google them. We are growing them so we can donate a few to our pumpkin patch at church. All the money we raise goes to local charities and if they do well I guess we could probably sell some too!

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I'm happy to see that peoples seeds are making their way home....

Jas-il, I didn't expect you to send me the postage! I had actually put everyones shortages and then went and edited them out. I guess I missed a couple.

Jaynine and Happg- I mailed your packages on Monday.

Happy g- I paid to put a tracking number on it, you should be getting it today!

Jaynine, I ALMOST made your number! I had a couple of snow days to play with seeds and added more. Also, when I went to mail your package back, I put it in a medium flat rate box. The clerk said it would be 12 something. I was going to pay the extra but he said a regular priority box would be 8. I changed the box, relabeled and sealed it up...The postage was only around 6 dollars....ooooppppss! I have another package that I need to send you when I get a shipment in, I will return your 1.20 postage then.

we had a lot of common flowers this year. I have lots of extras because I cover lots of the commons when my stash will allow it. I will do the same as I did with last years extras and post a newbie offer .

I do have a few things to mail out to people that should have gone into their envies. These will be seeds that were specifically on your wants list. I don't know how I missed them but I did! I will post a list of names and when you email me your addy, I will pay to get them to you.


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It came! It came! What a nice selection. Thank you, Lisa, for being such a thoughtful hostess. Great swap everyone...thanks to all.

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