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yrdling(U:7B A:9 S:33)June 14, 2008

I think it is caterpillars. I didn't see the caterpillar when I took the picture of the black specks on my mint plant, but I noticed it when editing the pictures. There are big holes in many of the mint leaves, and nasty looking black spots on the leaves and stems. Caterpillar poo, maybe?

I'm pretty sure that's a caterpillar in the third picture. Can anyone confirm my conjecture and tell me how to deal with this pest?

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moabgail(CO Z3)

That certainly looks like a cut worm (caterpillar) to me and your dark spots look like cut worm fecal material.

I don't like to use insecticides on my vegetables so I just examine my plants regularly and when I see damage like you have, I pick the little buggers off the plants and feed them to my chickens. If I didn't have chickens I'd smash them.

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yrdling(U:7B A:9 S:33)

The cut worms are so tiny, and so hard to see. I don't want to use insecticides either, but yesterday evening after I posted this, I made a spray that I found on the net and sprayed the plant with it. I don't know if it will kill cut worms.

I mixed up a tablespoon of liquid dish soap in a cup of vegetable oil, then put a bit less than a tablespoon of this mixture into a cup of water. I put it in a sprayer bottle, shook it up, and sprayed it on the plant.

I don't know if that will do the trick, but I don't see the worm right now.

I will be sure to wash the plant leaves thoroughly before making myself a mint julep! :-)

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