Should I apply fertilizer AND bone meal??

kathleeenJune 15, 2010

Hello all. I just planted my tomatoes (all are 12-18 inches tall). A few plants last year had blossom end rot so I started reading on how to prevent again this year. I failed to add bone meal prior to planting. So what now? Should I sprinkle on bone meal around each plant and gently work into the soil a couple of inches deep? And approx how much bone meal per plant?

Secondly, another box on the fertilizer shelf says its for tomatoes and vegetables...should I use this IN ADDITION to the bone meal?

Just curious...why did only a few plants last year get BER when they were all in the same soil? I think it was just the roma tomatoes, so maybe BER only affects certain varieties???


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Hi Kathleen,

What you experienced, I think, is brown bottom disease. This is caused by not enough calcium in the soil, so bone meal would be the appropriate additive. You may also want to try collecting egg shells before planting, then grind up to add to soil. Shells work very well, and they're a simple way to improve your situation. Happy Gardening:)

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