Growing tomatoes

joetomatoJune 21, 2007

I have two tomato plants one a prudence purple and the other Mr. stripy. I'm growing them inside and need to know if they will A) fruit inside B) need a bigger pot or C) can be pruned to keep under control. Ive gone to many garden stores and no one seems to know anything but the basics. HELP PLEASE!!!

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Doubtful that you will get any decent tomatoes from an inside plant, but
A) Yes they can produce fruit inside.
B) 5 gallon pot is very minimum IMHO.
C) Yes, can be pruned to control growth size.

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gerania(zone 7 NJ)

I just searched this subject and found a few bits of information related to greenhouse grown tomatoes. One article stated that the flowers should be hand pollinated between 11:30 and 2:30, midday, with humidity between 65 and 70% for the best results. Sounds pretty tricky.

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