Tomatoes out of control!!

altoidjoeJune 4, 2012

I planted my first real garden this year and installed a drip irrigation system and timer. It seems my plant spacing was to close. I planted tomatoes 6' apart, but put peppers between each row. My tomatoes grew WELL above expectation and are already much bigger than I expected due to a mild spring. They are taking over the pepper plants and if this continues will completely cover all of them. Short of transplanting, which I am not sure I can even do without damaging multiple plants what can I do? I am planning some type of large scale caging, but that will also prove difficult. All of the branches are producing blooms, so pruning is not much of an option. Plan B is to sell tomatoes to buy peppers or trade at farmers market. I am on track to have WAY too many tomatoes for us. Also how do I add pictures? I have several.

All advice welcome


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