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torquill(z9/sunset15 CA)July 6, 2006

Well, with Carolyn off in her Summer of Surgery :) and a couple of regulars too busy to post, it's kind of been up to me to try and keep the Pests and Diseases forum rolling. Sometimes I manage it, sometimes I don't... I've been trying to stop in every couple days, so even if it seems like nothing's happening over there, I have been going through and answering posts in marathon sessions every few nights.

I had to stay home from work this morning, so I thought I'd answer more posts... unfortunately, the reason I had to stay home is that I had a chemical exposure (ethylene ethers are bad for me) and I'm not feeling up to shouldering responsibilities right now. I'm hoping to at least get out and feed a few plants, but all I want to do right now is forget about all the stuff I have to do, and maybe sleep a little. :/

I may be back on my feet tomorrow -- we'll see -- but I wanted to let people know that I am still keeping an eye on the place, it's just that between part-time work, staying on top of school paperwork, all the muscle I have to exert to whip the yard into some sort of shape, and little crises like this one, I don't always have as much time or energy (or brainpower) as I need to put into it. I spend a decent amount of attention and research on each reply, and I don't want to just toss out half-answers.

I'm glad to see that most of the posts aren't going unanswered; even if you don't have all the info you need to solve a problem, just letting the person know that they're not being totally ignored helps a lot. I appreciate those of you who are chipping in over there, in any capacity.

Here's hoping I'm a little stronger tomorrow.


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it does not matter since most people ask they question the tomato forum.

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gardeninggrrl(z5 IL)

Alison -

Thanks for holding down the fort in the Pests and Diseases Forum - your efforts and time are greatly appreciated. Though I wonder if the forum is really serving its purpose, since it seems like most people either post in the orginal forum first, or realize they're not getting much of a response in P&D and so they post again in Tomatoes. I'll make more of an effort to post in that forum - by now I know enough to be able to help out some people with their questions, though as you saw I still have questions of my own! (Many thanks for the input, btw. :-))

Hope you're feeling better!


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vaccinium_hound(z9 CA)

"it does not matter since most people ask they question the tomato forum."

As you scroll down the menu, you come to "Growing Tomatoes" first, so most people might not have even seen the "Tomato Pests & Diseases" forum listing.

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MrsJustice(Hampton Va.)

Dear Alison

Thanks for taking the time to keep things going over there in The Pests and Diseases forum.

I hope, I can find the time to post there, but I do read the post from time to time.

It is very important that we Forum Member, remember to give back important information to new members. I guess I qualify to help someone now.

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