PVC photos for Tom

nancysil(z6 New Engl)July 20, 2006

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Thanks Nancy.

Is that a tomato train in the second picture? I know you said
they're on wheels. Are they hooked together?

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Thomas was kind enough to send me a link so I could look at the variations you've made in his original PVC cage design. Very nice. Very nice indeed.


You appear to have LOTS and LOTS of land. I can tell by the photos. Why plant in tubs? There must be a reason why. If it were me, I'd just plow up that yard and plant away!!!

But, that's just me. In California, we're all squeezed together on lots the size of a postage stamp. You can see my postage stamp sized garden at the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: How many plants can you fit on a postage stamp?

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nancysil(z6 New Engl)

Tom -

I'll never be able to go outside and look at those planters again without saying silently to myself "toot-toot!, all aboard the tomato train!"

Although the planters appear to be attached they are just positioned close together. Each one is one has it's own wheels and pull cord.

Billbird211 -

I enjoyed viewing your garden. You did a very nice job!

I've been at this location for about 4 years and I frankly don't trust the soil. I keep digging up junk buried by the previous owner that keeps surfacing around the yard with each freeze/thaw.

In any event there is a inground lawn sprinkler that prior to our purchasing the house was put in place by the builder who bought the house and renovated on spec. I wasn't keen on taking that out.

So I have about 76 planters with tomatoes spread around the perimeter of the house, the border of the property and in the driveway. I'm also growing cucumbers, hot and sweet peppers and flowers in containers.

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Going to top this for vance who mentioned
a self watering container.

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Going to top this again for yumtomatoes.

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