Do Rabbits Eat Your Plants?

conniemcgheeMarch 29, 2010

So, random question: Do any of you have trouble with rabbits eating your plants?

In 15 years of gardening, I don't think I've ever had a rabbit eat anything in my garden. But I know this is a huge problem for some gardeners, so I have become very curious as to why this has never happened to me. Is it because of what I'm planting? I never do vegetables (though I do know they don't limit themselves to veggies). Is it because I live in a suburban neighborhood, so there just aren't that many rabbits around?

I *may* have had squirrels dig up some of my bulbs and eat them, e.g. the case of the dwindling spring crocus a few years back. But even that seems minimal - they've never touched my tulips.

So, how about it? Are rabbits a big problem for you?

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

I've had just a little rabbit damage to vegetables, but nothing too bad. I've seen horrible damage to woody plants in locations further North where snow covers the rabbits' normal food sources for longer periods of time.

Around here, I'd say voles and deer are the most annoying plant-eating varmints. And, near rivers and lakes, beavers can be pretty destructive.

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Rabbits are a problem for us. When we lived in the country, had two huge vegetable gardens, and many flower beds. Never a problem with rabbits. Now we live in a subdivision and had to put up a short fence around the vegetable garden. Marigolds they love if the plants are young, but do not seem to eat on the young perennials. Having a good stand of grass helps (which we have mowed twice already). Nature has a way of letting us know it is Spring, rabbits, birds building their nest, and baby calves you see driving down the highway.

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Nancy zone 6

I agree with Wanda, I had more problems with rabbits when I lived in town. We had some huge rabbits too. Now where I live there are fewer homes & I rarely see rabbits or squirrels & have no problems with them, although voles are a real problem.

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Ugh, voles: My mom had a huge collection of hostas, probably hundreds, and voles took every one of them out! She's resigned herself to ferns now. Maybe it was the voles who got my crocuses. I had a good stand of them going, then they just sort of petered out, so I always wondered if something ate them.

We had a rabbit living in our back yard last year. We finally caught and relocated him (thankfully before the dogs caught him and relocated his head). But I don't think he helped himself to anything while he was here. :)

I live in Brentwood and usually go into town through Franklin Road/8th Avenue, and it is really crazy to see deer in the front yards of those houses along Franklin Road! I always wonder if those people have a lot of trouble keeping plants.

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Connie, my parents live on Granny White near Tyne and the deer eat their stuff all the time. Last year we got some blackberry bushes at the swap and my mom planted them inside wire cages and the deer still got in. They have fences around their vegetables and fruits and the deer still get in. They live close enough to Radnor to get deer in the backyard fairly often. They don't usually come down close to the house so my mom is hoping to get some more blackberris and try them near the house.

I live in Crieve Hall and have not had really a problem with rabbits eating things. I planted some lettuce a couple weeks ago and was worries about the rabbits but so far it is fine. I do have a lot of rabbits and have had some flowers eaten but am not sure the rabbits were the culprits. I had some moss roses all eaten to the ground a couple summers but last summer they were fine. Some hostas were eaten last year but not until later in the summer. Again, not sure what ate them.


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I've had this problem in the vegetable garden. They really love chomping off those young cabbages. Haven't had any problems once I sprinkle cayenne/blood meal.

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Rebecca, I live close to Crieve Hall. We looked over there a lot when we were looking for a house, but at that time there wasn't just the right thing on the market for us there. Crieve Hall is great!

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