Hummingbird Migration

MNature(z6 TN)March 24, 2007

Are you ready?


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Jan_Hobbs(z6a TN, USA)

(wail) I've gotta get my feeders out...they are early this year!

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irisaddict(6b/7 TN)

Saw a hummer today!!!

I'm 20 miles south of Franklin, TN

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I saw my first of the season on Tues., April 3. This morning [Sat] I saw him trying to get nectar out of frozen dianthus. Quickly refilled the feeder [it was frozen too] for him, and proceeded to bawl like a baby. Everything was so beautiful.....;o(

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I'm 30 miles north of Chattanooga and saw my first hummingbird 3 days ago. They actually come up to the windows and look in wanting their feeders put out. (I have lighted shelves with flowering plants inside and wonder if they can see those flowers!) Does anyone know how hard this cold is going to be on the poor little guys? They fly in with it looking like almost-summer and then have to suffer thru nights in the low 20's. Wow, life ain't fair!

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I'm new to this forum. Just wanted to share that I saw my first hummingbird this morning. I live west of Franklin Tn. just past the Natchez Trace bridge. I had a feeder out last week but took it in for the freeze. Just put it back out yesterday and voila!

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tngreenthumb(z6 TN)

I thought I saw one this past weekend. Something zipped past me with hummingbird speed. Guess I need to put our feeders out then.

For sure there's little else for them right now. I expect to see this little fella waiting for the feeders pretty soon.

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I was buzzed by my first hummingbird about ten days ago now! I, of course, raced in and cleaned and filled the feeder and put it out and so far have noticed two coming to feed - they are quite happy to carry on feeding while I am stood feet away - I am in Knoxville, TN.

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tndandelion(7b Memphis)

I had my feeders out in March but we got way laid with the late frost and the water was frozen in the feeders for several days. I'm happy to say I'm "buzzing" with lots of hummingbirds now.

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After getting "Buzzed" a couple of times last week, I put up a couple of feeders this weekend. I have a couple of hungry males that were glad to see the feeders up.

Normally if I put my feeders up early, I hardly see any hummers until mid-June. I suppose with the late frost there are fewer flowers than normal. Anyway, I'm happy to see the little guys!!

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saw my first hummer april 11, 2009, at the feeder in the evening. hung around for awhile, but haven't seen him since. of course, i don't watch 24/7. can't wait for the rest of them to get here.

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forgot to say that i am in farragut, outside knoxville.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

This thread is from 2 years ago, but there is a current conversation about this topic. Here is a link to the more current conversation:

Here is a link that might be useful: Current Conversation

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