tokay gecko in terrariums

iliketerrariumsSeptember 7, 2005

Hi all! My name is Tony and Im still new to this site, just about a week or so, I was wondering if anyone can tell me about a Tokay Gecko? I need to know if a gravel substrate will do for it? I was thinking yes do to the fact that the Tokay is arboreal, but I would like the opinion of someone "in the know." The viv it might be kept in is a 30 gallon that has had the bottom removed and has been siliconed to the top of another 30 gallon that had the top removed, so it is a tall tank with all the goodies! the prob might be the gravel substrate, it has a small "pond" area and the land areas are constantly moist, its been set up for a month and seems to be doing well, plants are some-what well rooted and due to the fact that the Tokay is a small one (about two inches) it will give the plants time to be well rooted by the time it gets bigger, my worry again, is the moist substrate, please let me know what you can, Thanks! =)

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Afraid I can't help you much with the gecko question. I don't keep them at least not on purpose lol. Have wild ones all over the house whether I like it or not lol.
Wanted to ask about joining two aquariums to gether. How do you get them apart?? Is there a chemical that will release the silicone?? Also what do you do about the seam at the top??
I've finally started on the large terrarium that I've been planning for I'm going to use a 150 tank for the base. Decided this was the most cost effective way to do it and I already had the tank. Will add another section at the top but hate the look of the seam.
Going to locate it in the shadehouse after deliberating
on this for a long time, think ir's the best all around location. I think I'll go with a paludarium as I love my fish lol.
I'm sure someone will chime in on your gecko question,eventually lol. Noted you're new to the list. Welcome!! Haven't had a chance to check out your pix as yet
Always interesting to see what others are doing

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Hey! =) First of thanks for the welcome! =) Seperating the bottom sheet of glass took good old fashion hard work, I actually had to break the bottom sheet of glass to get it off, then it was just a matter of stripping the silicone off with a razor, just spayed the glass with water (used a mister) slid the razor accross and the silicone came right off, did the same with the top of the second tank, removed the black frame and stripped the silicone of the same way described above, as for the seam, 90% of the people that have seen the tank dont even notice it, it looks much like the corner seams, I just glued the tanks together and stipped the silicone after it cured, its just like art, usually the only person to notice the imperfection is the artist! LOL! (but we sure do worry about it! LOL!) I havnt posted any pics yet, but will soon, I think your idea on using a 150 is fantastic! I had/have one available to me but dont have the room for it, I live in what was called a "doll house" at the time they were built, so you can imagine how small it is, but if I could! oh yeah! Good luck with your idea, Im not the best, but if you have any questions, or get stuck somewhere while putting your tank together....two heads are better than one!

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