Roma Tomatoes - Too tall?

randitaJune 25, 2009

I live near Phila, PA. The Roma tomatoes I transplanted in early May are already 4 feet high and very bushy. I read where Romas usually only grow to 4 feet high, but this is only June and they are growing like crazy. I have plenty of blossooms, but no fruit forming yet. Should I prune them back if they get any taller? I have been pinching off the suckers from time to time.

They are being supported by square frames at this point, but are topping the frames and may soon need some staking or Florida weaving.


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sinfonian(U8b A2 S5 SeaWA)

Are your other tomatoes forming fruit? If not, let it go. You'll just have more tomatoes. Of course prune suckers, but I wouldn't go to town.

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My romas are very tall as well. I've had to cage AND stake them.

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Other tomatoes (cherry, Purple Cher. and Brandywine) are just barely starting to form clusters of fruit.

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From everything I've read, it's not a good idea to prune determinate plants, like Romas. You're removing potential fruit. I have 4 Roma plants in containers and they are huge. Last year we had Roma tomatoes until frost. Sounds like they would qualify for "semi-determinate" status.

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Agreed. The term 'derterminate' is very subjective when it comes to Romas.

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Are you still setting fruit or has it gotten too hot at night for that to happen? If the long range forecast (10 days) is predicting a heat wave, I'd top them off if not leave them alone.

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