Cheap Office Terrarium! (my first)

smordOctober 24, 2008

Hi! I'm new to this forum and I just wanted to post about my new office terrarium i'm so proud of! :)

I just used a large plastic jar that used to have pretzels from Costco in it, put a layer of paper clips on the bottom for drainage, a layer of paper towels from the bathroom to hold the soil, a layer of potting soil from home, and two plants that were cuttings I took from the median on Broadway (I work in NYC)! They rooted nicely and it's doing great! Although I overwatered it at first, so I've had to leave the lid off.

Talk about cheap and easy. :)

I think I've identified one of the plants as a "Purple Heart" Wandering Jew (unfortunately it's losing it's purple color under my florescent desk lamp - I think it needs full sun to maintain color), and the other is a nice coleus.

I'll have to keep trimming them, though, they're fast growers!


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paul_(z5 MI)

LOL yes they can indeed be cheap and easy to make!

One word of caution though, Susan -- as a drainage layer, the paperclips may be a problem. If they are your standard paperclips, then they will rust over time. As they break down they will cease to serve a drainage function. More importantly, however, be CAREFUL if you do any digging in your terr or later replace the xoil. I'd hate to hear that you got tetnus (?sp) from getting stabbed by a rusty paperclip!

You can also keep an eye open for a little fake frog, turtle, lizard, etc to add to your terr if you want some "wild life" in your terr. :)

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I got a kick out of this message. What a resourceful gal you are Sarah! I too made my first terrarium though not quite as industrial as yours! Just a little moss and rocks and soil. I would love to see a photo of your wonderful terr!

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