My first Square Foot Salad!

gabbygardnerJune 1, 2009

I am so excited!! We have now enjoyed our first salad from our brand new garden.

Here is the wonderful stuff!!

Salad, with radishes on the side:) Unfortunately, the watermelon, not an Idaho product!! At least not in May/June:

We are enjoying lettuce, spinach, onions and radishes, while most here are just putting the seeds in the ground. All because of the SFG!!


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sinfonian(U8b A2 S5 SeaWA)

Congrats! Great stuff. I bet it tasted wonderful.

I remember my first garden salad. Looked a lot like that last year at this time. I enjoyed it so much that I made a blog page out of it (Seed to Table).

Way to go, now keep on top of those greens or they'll get away from you like mine have. Hehe.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sinfonian's garden adventure

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Looks great! I wish I would have planted some greens. There is always the fall!

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Sweet! For some reason our radishes are duds, but the spinach and various forms of lettuce are coming along nicely. It's a great feeling to be able to go out in the yard and fill a bowl full of home-grown produce.

I can't wait for the carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplants, and especially the brussel sprouts. About all we need now are a couple of chickens and a milk cow. LOL

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YAY!! I cut some small heads of lettuce this weekend. I washed it and stuck it in the fridge for it to crisp up. I havent had any luck with radishes either. I am envious about the watermelon! My vine is still tiny. I wonder if it will produce before first frost!!!! LOL

But congats! And enjoy the radishes for me will ya? :)

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rachel597(5A ME)

Yay! How exciting! Congratulations on your first garden rewards.

Here is a link that might be useful: Visit My Blog: GrafixMuse's Garden Spot

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Thanks!! Tonight was even better. My radishes are here and there, but I was able to find some really nice ones tonight.

The spinach has been a great surprise. I have found it hard to grow in the past with traditional gardening as well as the lettuce. I just don't think this could have been any easier. I may get really crazy next year and try some more fun greens and salad fixings!! The kids can just call it all lettuce.

When you live in Zone 5, these things are really a celebration!!

Sinfonian: Love your blog!! You are more brave than I. I want to put one together, just not sure if I can take the pressure of keeping it up:) In the winter I focus on food storage, preparedness and in summer - garden. This is of course now that I have my raised beds!!


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Nice salad, gabby. Feels great, doesn't it?

Do you mind sharing how to go about posting pictures to the forum? Is it just copy and paste? Tx!

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Of course, someone helped me with it as well.

Actually, it took me a while to find a program that worked well for me. I finally decided on photobucket. You just upload to their site, then once your pics are there you run your mouse over the picture (without clicking): a menu drops down and you copy the HTML listing (Control + C) toggle back to Garden Web and paste it (Control + V) right into your text box - it's a long name, but copies easily as it highlights it for you.

Like here for example: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX It looks weird, but in your Preview Message it will look great!!

Then voila -- pictures!! I will put the link in below. I hope that works for you!! I tried a couple other sites and they are much more difficult I felt.


Here is a link that might be useful: Photobucket

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choxie(7 (NC))

Woo - Hoo!!!

Great Looking salad!!

Isn't it great!!!

Usually, my kids are playing in the backyard while I cook dinner. So when I call to them to come get the colander and cut me some salad, their friends eyes get all big and round and they get jealous that we can just go to the back yard and pick lettuce, strawberries and snap peas.

We are also getting our first zuchinni and yellow squash. Bell peppers will probably be ready in about a month along with tomatoes and green (and purple) beans.

Man I love the SFG.

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Thanks for the guidance on uploading pics! Wouldn't have been able to figure that out on my own. :)

We have really been enjoying the lettuces and radishes from our garden so far. Also cut first head of broccoli this week, with several more yet ot be harvested/ Sugar snap peas are blooming and I now see little teeny peas on the vine. Those peas probably won't even make it back into the kitchen - they'll likley be eaten on the spot.

My squash is still a very small plant right now. Lots of tomato blooms but no baby tomatoes yet.

I am getting hungry just thinking about it!

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that is awesome! tabor went out to pick lettuce from all the different lettuce's we have, he was so excited!! ~Medo

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I am so jealous of those squash, broccoli and peas!! We left on Thursday night following a stormy few days and came home Saturday to a torential downpour!! My poor garden looks water logged, but still very healthy. I am excited to report my tomatoes have blossoms now!!! We are a ways behind up here in our barely a Zone 5 world.

We had quarter size hail the day before we left and my garden looked pummeled. You can barely tell today it was hit. Just a few holes in my cabbage leaves and some other small breakages. Looks like Mother Nature did it again, gave me a scare, but all is well:)

Happy Gardening Everyone!!


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