Light for Terrariums & flowering plants quesiton

angelsmell(Fullerton, CA 1)October 4, 2004

Can you us an aquarium light for a 10 -gal aquarium terrarium? Or do you have to get special growing lights?

What are some flowering plants for Terrariums besides


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sahoyaref(Alberta z3a)

An aquarium light should be just fine. What's the wattage? Oh, wait, do you mean those light hoods that come with 10 gallon tanks? The ones with two pathetic incandescent bulbs that are terribly yellow? Because if that's the case, no that won't work. The fixture may be able to be 'retrofitted' (changed a bit to work with different bulbs) so that it has enough space for screw-in compact fluorescents in a cool white or daylight spectrum.

As for other flowering plants, try other gesneriads (african violets are members of the gesneriad family). There is a gessie forum on GardenWeb, and the people there should be able to tell you about some small ones for terrariums. Hanging ones like columnea would trail nicely on the ground, and micro-mini sinningias would be perfect as well. Orchids are good too, if you have enough light and stick to the minis. You shouldn't dwell too much on flowers though. Most plants, even gessies, aren't always in flower, and the thing that makes your terrarium look great all the time is great foliage plants like aluminium plants, fittonias, cryptanthus, dainty ferns, etc.

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Regular run of the mill fluorescent bulbs will work fine-Cool white and some form of "daylight" bulb like Philips Daylight Deluxe. THat is my current combination.

Compact Fluorescent bulbs are good, especially for smaller terrariums. Lots of them have good output, and they're nice and short.


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