what do you grow in your terrarium/growcase?

dougtxOctober 7, 2005

Just curious as to what everyone has growing in a terrarium. Post your specs and list your plants! Heres mine-

15 gallon aquarium

1x65w 5000k fixture

1x28w 10000k fixture-both from my old planted aquarium.


Phalaenopsis lobbii

Haraella retrocalla

Macodes petola

Ludisia discolor

Bulbophyllum brevistylidium

Bulbo. odoratissimum

Bulbo. macraei

Cirrohpetalum auratum

Cirro. lepidum

Cirro. Sheryl Kurizaki(lasiochilum x fascinator)

Other plants:

Nepenthes fusca 'Sarawak'

Nepenthes gymnamphora

Nepenthes bellii (not doing well atm)

Cephalotus follicularis

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

That's quite a collection for a 15 gallon tank lol Hope you're planning on expanding.
I have a 75 paludarium that was taken over by a mutant form of Boston fern so had to move most of the plants out.
Working on a 150 with an upper section as well as a canopy
and trying some lessons I learned from the 75.lol
How is the Cephalotus doing?? Do they require a dormant period as the Venus flytrap?? Was thinking of trying it along with some tropical sundews when I get going..

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Hi Gary- the cephalotus is doing great. I got it from Tony Paroubek. at exoticplantsplus at the size of a nickel. now its about 3.5 inches in diameter. it is one of my favorite plants-does great in a terrrarium. the books say they will lose leaves in the winter but mine just keeps growing- no dormancy at all. they are interesting in that they put out different leaf forms also.

i dont really plan on expanding the terrarium. im going to let the macodes and ludisia form specimens, as well as the bulbos. there is some empty space in there that will be filled in as the plants grow. three bulbos are mounted in small wood baskets that hang on the rear wall-giving a nice view of them. your 150 sounds awesome esp the canopy.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Thanks for the info.I don't grow any CP except for Neps.
Mainly because of the dormant periods.
I hope the 150 turns out okay.Tried it once before and made some serious mistakes in the setup and what was planted where. I'm going to combine the 150 with the waterlily pool so that I can provide some temporary heat and use both places for tropical fish.
The canopy I'm going to make of PVC pipe covered with cork bark With the seep wall I should be able to maintain at least 3 climate zones as well as light and temp.
In the past i used live trees which either grew through the roof or were strangled by the epiphytes. Saw one at the
AOS display gardens.Instant 100 year old tree without all the other problems.lol
Progress has been slow as I had so much to remove from the shadehouse before even getting started..I'm finally staring to put things back in rather than removing..lol
had a crack in the back glass of the 150 and I think I have a cheap solution for repair. Only time will tell

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That is an intense setup Gary. my "terrarium" is just a small glasshouse compared to yours. all my plants are in pots and i hang mounted plants on the walls. im trying for a natural 'jungle look' as the plants fill in. i have a hoya curtisii coming so i can let that ramble around and fill in space/hide pots. it will eventually look like a little forest cove hopefully. good luck with your project id love to do something like that-that cork works great for making trees-our botanical garden has an amazing one in the conservatory.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Was checking out the weather in Albany Australia where the Cephalotus originates. looks like the lows are right a t freezing but only for short periods.So maybe it's possible to get by without dormancy.
They seem to be a lot rarer than the VFT for some reason.

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yeah they are hard to come by. exoticplantsplus.com and flytraps.com(cooks) both have them right now. dont worry about the dormancy-it wont happen in warm temperatures-they are really easy in my conditions you should get one.

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nathanhurst(VIC Aust)

Cephalotus will grow all year round with enough light and heat. If it gets cool it will only grow the flat leaves. I would avoid getting it below 10C, as it slows down a lot.

They are very easy to propagate - just cut them up with a sterile knife and repot. When one plant gets to about 20cm in diameter I cut it up into 4 or 5 pieces. Or you can just leave it to spread.

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