Growing Gardenia Veitchii in East Tennessee

foothillstnMarch 1, 2008

I went to Wal Mart today to get our dog some food and just had to cruise the Garden Center. One just never know what they'll find there! I was hoping to find some bulbs or something to surprise the Mrs. with but with no luck. What I did find was a Gardenia Veitchii which was happily on sale and actually looking good. It came home with me! This is my year of living dangerously in the garden. I ordered two two year old Windmill Palms that I'm going to take a shot at growing and two Ellen Bosanquet Crinum bulbs. I have heard it's nearly impossible to kill the crinum and I know the Windmill Palms might be a hit or miss thing. I'm wondering about growing the Gardenia outside in the garden. Has anyone given it a try? If so how did it go? I'm able to grow Calla Lilies leaving the bulbs in the ground. We seen to have a pretty good microclimate going. Any advice on the Gardenia (especially), the Crinum or the Windmill Palms would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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amazindirt(7A mid-TN)

I have several gardenias outside, in pots, right now. They usually do fine over the winter. But don't let them stay waterlogged over winter, and don't let them get too dry over summer.

As for Crinums -- plant em and stand back. ;-) But have patience, 'cause they may take a few years to really settle in. I had one clump of bulbs bloom the first year after planting, but another clump took THREE years to see the first bloom.

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Gardenias work fine. Just make sure they don't get too much sun in the afternoon. If the weather is as dry as last year they will appreciate regular water.

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