Berry garden?

countryprepper1June 2, 2013

Can I put raspberry,blackberry,blueberry and strawberry in the same bed?

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I don't think I'd try mixing the blueberries in. They like things very acidic.

I have blackberries and raspberries in the same bed. I've thought about adding some strawberries in, but they may be too shaded by the brambles.

Also, remember those brambles and strawberries will spread :)

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Yeah, blueberries require acidic soil. If you could segment the bed, I guess it would be okay, if you added acidifier to the blueberries and left the other soil alone.

Also, black raspberries can spread diseases to blackberries, if I recall correctly.

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brambles are very tolerant. Blueberries and strawberries are more persnickety. Here in Arkansas, all of the small berries are grown commercially. Blackberries you can stick in the dirt and they will grow like crazy. The only issue with them is keeping away from wild blackberries that cross pollinate and their shelf life is very short. Blueberries need amended soil (lots of peat and acid) and the MUST be irrigated. Strawberries aren't so picky about soil but also MUST be irrigated. Blueberries actually work pretty nice as ornamental shrubs so if you're short on garden bed you could plant them around in your yard. I have 40 blueberries, 120 or so blackberries and 60 raspberries. I plant early, midseason and late so to have a long as possible harvest. I highly recommend berries because you get a lot more for your effort than with produce.

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