Getting Started with Bad Soil

joannedisfanJune 18, 2008

So every year I say I want a garden but by the time I figure things out it's summer. Hey look at that its almost summer time. Anyway Hubby and I decieded that this summer we would do all the prep and setup so that come spring we just have to plant.

My soil is bassicaly sod laid over rock. I have almost no topsoil, lots of rock and clay. And every spring when it rains my backyard turns into a swamp. The water level is te ground surface. I have a slope in the yard and we plan to build on the slope to help make sure our boxes dont get flooded. So one side will be much higher than the other.

Now Once I put the boxes down do I need to remove the sod or can I just put the mix on top of the sod? I read several sites where they talked about removing the sod, but I'm thinking that could be a long days work to get an area 4 ft by 8ft.

Any advice would be apreciated.


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How deep is your box? If it is 6" deep or more just lay newspaper over the sod and fill your box with Mel's mix or something similar. I would reccommend the box to be 12" deep but this is not necessary. The box will drain well and you are off and gardening. Good luck

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gumby_ct(CT it says Z5)

Certainly you can just lay newspaper or cardboard as suggested to keep weeds & grasses down. You may want to read up on Lasagna Gardening to get more ideas.

If it were me that's the way I would do it - a combo Lasagna SFG - digging that stuff up is just not worth it. Unless of course you just want to.

Good Luck with whatever you choose,

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Thank You very much for the advice. Hopefully next year we will be able to post pictures of a garden.

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No such thing as "bad soil" when you use Mel's Mix (see chp. 5, "Mel's Mix, Essential for Square Foot Gardening Success."

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