Terrarium sources for purchase

greenfreak(Z7 NY)November 12, 2004

I'm considering purchasing another fish tank for use as an orchidarium. I'm on a budget so I would like to find the best price. Generally, I want a taller tank than wide, I already have a wide 30 gallon that isn't cutting it.

Any suggestions for online sources? Much appreciated.


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I purchased a tank from a petstore. It is a 76 gallon bowfront aquarium made by All-GLass Aquariums. Nice, attractive tank.


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sahoyaref(Alberta z3a)

Pet stores are not a good choice for people on budgets, unless you go to Big Al's on Boxing Day, but since you don't have Boxing Day in the States, forget it! Since you live in New York, I would think that you would have tons of options. You should look in the classifieds of a good newspaper for people selling theirs, or check out as many garage sales as you can. Loads of people buy 50 gallon tanks and then want to get rid of them a year later when all the fish die because they didn't take proper care of them. If you want taller rather than wide, try tipping the tank on it's side. Since you are using it for an orchidarium, not an aquarium, it doesn't need to be totally watertight, so you could just make a plywood or glass door for the new 'back' (former top) of the aquarium. Then install your shelves, and there you go! Afraid I don't know any online sources. But most things online are likely to be much more expensive, because people generally only order custom tanks online, and then you also have to pay the shipping.

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