Barriers to block over-growth into adjacent squares

pdxmarkJune 4, 2009

As a new gardener I adopted SFG with gusto. I have two beds in which I may have been pushing the limits. One bed has vining winter squash plants along an edge of the bed with the intent that the vines will trail over the path between the beds. The other bed has potatoes. The issue is that I have OTHER veggies in the beds next to the squash & the potatoes, and those other veggies were being crowded/shaded/overwhelmed.

I put a barrier into each bed to keep the wandering Big Boys on their side of the line. I re-used the stiff wire segments to form the hoops of a tunnel cloche earlier in the season. I put the hoops in along the line between the Brutes and the Victims, and secured some summer-weight row cover materials between the hoop and the ground as a sort of semi-circular panel. We'll see if it works.

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I just drag the sprawling vines into the yard to redirect them. I'm loosing the battle with the cantaloupe and cucumbers. I have to keep cutting the vines of the cucumbers which are determined to choke out my okra.

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I was wondering the same thing. I have about a 3 foot high wire fence around my beds. I knew my cucumbers and pumkins would have really long vines and my plan was to bring them up and over and run them down the slope in my yard. Does that sound ok? 1st year gardener.

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