How to mount a fan inside the vivarium?

Cdfortin(GA)November 19, 2005

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How do you safely put a fan inside of a vivarium?

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As some of you know, I recently finished building a 400 gallon vivarium. In the past, I've always has smaller cages and I never really saw the need for and internal fan. Now, I'm getting into some pretty serious plants and I want to mount a fan inside the vivarium for increased air circulation.

At first, the idea seemed simple to me, but now I realize that there are many complications associated with putting an entire fan inside a vivarium.

First and foremost, I don't want to chop up my tree frogs and crickets. So, I can't really use a computer fan since most have no protective grate. I tried outfitting a computer fan with screening but the airflow was virtually diminished.

Also as important, I don't want to create an electrical hazard. The cage has an automatic misting system with 8 misting nozzels, so needless to say, ever part of the cage gets pretty wet at some time or another. The fan would be positioned so that it wouldnÂt get soaked, but it would definitely get pretty damp. At the least, I think I need a grounded or moisture proof fan.

Finally, in the event that I do find a fan that is either moisture proof or has a protective grate, it is always too large. At most, the fan can have a 6" diameter.

So, my question is, can ya'll think of anything that would work? What do you use in your vivs? Any ideas, tips, links, or photos would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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i am wondering this also. i have a pc fan id like to put in my bulbo chamber but am afraid it will get wet and short out. i saw a terrarium on terra somethings site that had the fan mounted/incorporated into the hood of the tank. it was positioned so airflow went down into the tank. ask around on there maybe they are still there.

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deadhamster(Z5 MI)

I use a 120mm fan (4") with a chrome plated grill. You can get it at radio shack. It runs on 120VAC so any idiot can wire it up. It draws all the heat off my HID fixture. View the link for pics if you need.


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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Couldn't you use tubing of some type?? Then the fan could be remotely located.Clothes drier vents work for me.
That way i don't have to have the fan anywhere near the terrarium.Can either remove or replace air by reversing the fan..Another great thing is it doesmn't take up any space inside the terrarium and animals and moisture are kept away.
I've also used air pumps but it requires a rather large one for a big setup.

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Google who are experts in all aspects of vivs and equipment. They could give you tips, and steer you to the right fans, etc.

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The idea is that the fan is completely inside the the viv. That way, you have good circulation within the viv, but you're not sucking out humid air or blowing in dry air.

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deadhamster(Z5 MI)

Mine is completely in the viv cdfortin. It's ducted into the light fixture, which is in turn ducted back into the viv. The fan pulls air from the viv up into the light fixture, pulling heat off the 400 watt MH bulb, and blows it back into the viv. This provides most of the heat my snakes need. Mine is a bit over 2 times the size of yours, so if it works for me it should work for you too. If you dont want to route it through the lights, just put a chrome grill on both sides of the fan and hang it angled in a corner so it can pull air in behind it.


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