someone cleaned my terrarium with 409. help?

kettish(8a)November 9, 2010

A well-meaning but uninformed craigslister cleaned a 29 gallon aquarium he gave to me with chemical cleaners before I got there. I need to reseal it anyway (got it for free because it leaks) but will massive amounts of rinsing get rid of the leftover cleaning agent?

I'd like to house a lot of plants, some small fish, and maybe even a tree frog in this thing eventually so it needs to be safe.

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I would take the tank outside, lay it on one side and hose it out until nothing soapy comes out. Then give it another hosing. Turn up and let it drain off. Should be ok then.

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paul_(z5 MI)

I agree.

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eileenaz(9, Sunset 12)

Not a big deal- it's glass, which is nonabsorbent. Rinse thoroughly, dry, then if possible let sit out in the sun for a day or so. You'll be good to go

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