House Plants Looking For New Home

connietnMarch 17, 2011

Hi All,

A friend of mine is planning to put her house on the market, and she's trying to find homes for some of her plants. She asked me to post them here and see if anyone was interested. She's in the Woodmont Blvd. area, close to Berry Hill.

If you see anything you'd like, reply to this message and I'll shoot you her cell phone number and email

Thanks for looking!

Various Succulents

Variegated Yuccas


Snake Plant

Small Schefflera

Peace Lily

Medium Crotons

Madagascar Dragon Tree

Large Schefflera

Large Croton

Chinese Evergreen Silver Queen


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Oops...forgot to mention, this is in Nashville. Sorry!

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Oooo....I'd absolutely love the succulents, peace lily & cactus! =) Please let me know how to contact her & Thanks!

- Steve

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Connie- I'd be interested. My email is

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