When should peppers and toms go out

propofolMarch 20, 2008

Hey yall,

I'm new to memphis and have started some pepper and tomato seeds. What's the earliest I can put these out?



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I live in Collierville and have set mine out as early as April 1st. If you remember last year though, we had a hard frost first week of April. April 15th is the safest time. It is what is suggested for our zone 7b.

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thanks a bunch!

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April 15th is a happy day for accountants and gardeners both! (I'm both, so the date is easy for me to remember.) Last year was an anomaly in Mid TN ... I think our hard freeze was the week after the 15th. My toms were in a big container, so I wrestled it inside. The strangest thing about the weather that weekend was that Knoxville didn't end up with the hard freeze - their flowering trees and shrubs weren't hammered like ours were here in Mid TN. I suppose it's the way the jet stream flows.


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april_h_o(Z6 Nashville)

Hey, ya'll. Nice to see folks are still active on the forums. :-)

Actually, our hard freeze last year was the week of April 7th, one week before our normal frost date. I was in KY celebrating my wedding anniversary with my husband and there was snow on the ground up around Berea.

The big problem last year was we had such a hot spell in March so everything broke dormancy too early. This year we've had more normal temps. so I'm optimistic it will be a better year. But it's definitely safest to wait for the April 15th frost date.

Hope to be able to participate a bit more often in the forums again...


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Hopw you two come to the Memphis swap!

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im so bummed out, i have a required conference for school i have to attend the swap weekend (april 13-14) otherwise i would be there with bells on

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tndandelion(7b Memphis)

I concur that the last typical frost date for Memphis is April 15th, but mine have been "out" since March. I wintersowed. LOL They aren't in the ground, yet due to their size but mine are already pretty cold hardy. I'm just watching for low temps (30's) and as soon as my soil dries out, they are going in.

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