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Austin_V_VNovember 8, 2003

I have two green anoles and a tree frog and I'm building a new terrarium.what are some compatable species?thanks for any help!

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chickadeedeedee(z 6-7 ish Ohio)

If its a whites tree frog, it may grow to eat the anoles.
Pac-man and tomato frogs also will grow large enough to eat anything remotely smaller even at the risk of choking on the prey.

The fire bellied newts and fire bellied frogs get along well with one another.

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jordan_and_slippy(NW USA)

Whites are my favorite frog but yes they will eat ANYTHING THAT MOVES! I kid you not, my frogs have stalked water droplets falling down the sides. Also on the "accidental" victims list:
3 small Pacific Treefrogs that me & my friends put into the tank for a Science class later that day...well the White's seemed to "enjoy" them
A moth that somehow found it's way into the vivarium
A tadpole we (friends and I, again) had hoped would be fine with the many hiding places in the small pool in the vivarium...nope.

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sahoyaref(Alberta z3a)

I wouldn't add another species to your tank. As I recall from your pics several months ago, your frog is a WTF, and as has already been mentioned, it will eat pretty much everything. You might consider putting the frog in it's own viv, and then adding a different, smaller treefrog to a larger viv with the anoles.

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Anoles are not very social creatures and prefer to be alone.

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Long ago I used to have a great vivarium with all sorts of things living in it, including anoles. It worked great. The trick is to have as many niches as possible, and not have things compete, and also make sure nothing can eat anything else. And despite dragonthoughts comment, anoles are VERY social creatures...
The tank included 3 green and 2 brown anoles (only 1 male each species), a house gecko, two small grey treefrogs, one spring peeper, and a few slimy salamanders (Plethodon glutinosus, or it was 'till they split up the species).
During the day, the treefrogs would stick along the top edges of the tank, the gecko would hide under branches, the 'peeper would sit in the plants, and the salamanders would hide under bark along the ground. The anoles were active, and any one displaying its throat fan would set all the others off... though the greens would sometimes ignore the browns. I always fed them in the evening, and everything would come out from hiding... now that was fun. Occasionally one of the big ol' stupid treefrogs would miss a cricket and hit a lizard, but that's about all of the fighting I ever observed...the lizard would puff up and the frog would let go.
The spring peeper was a large specimen, and while the lizards would eyeball it a lot, I guess it seemed just a little too big to eat. I wouldn't recommend anything smaller.
Other animals you may want to try: small skinks (they'll burrow though), long-tailed lizards, brown anoles (males are larger and females smaller than the green anoles), SMALL treefrogs (they're right about not keeping an adult white's with the lizards... not above eating them), and salamanders...terrestrial salamanders, unless you have a large pool or stream in a large terrarium. A good rule of thumb is that salamanders & other lizards should be of a similar size, and frogs not more than 2 1/4 inches. I always thought an oak toad would be an interesting addition, but I've rarely seen them for sale.
The wider the range of species, the more behaviors you'll see as they interact with one another. Just make sure there's plenty of hiding spots, because each animal will want to get away from the others once in a while. Enjoy!

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Thanks for submitting all the helpful info and intresting facts I haven't been on in a long time (for the full story look in the gallery)and Im glad to be back.


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