Any ideas on what this plant is?

cori.lemMarch 28, 2014

Hi everyone! We're in middle tennessee...we purchased a property last fall, and are discovering all sorts of fun things this spring. We've identified the gobs of heirloom daffodils everywhere, and today found these. There's a hillside covered in them. None had bloomed yet, hoping someone will recognize them like this. Any ideas?

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Well, it's definitely a Trillium, but I'm not sure which species it is. There are around four different species, native to Tennessee, that look very similar to that, and I'm not familiar with the differences.

If knowing the exact species is important to you, someone that I bet could tell you for sure is Kris Light. She is a Tennessee wildflower expert. You can reach her at

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Yep - it is a Trillium. Probably the red species we have growing in our woods here in NW Illinois. Very pretty little guys. Once they are done blooming, they die back to the ground.

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