Help ID a Home Depot Nep?

Gianne911(Seattle WA)November 14, 2004

I was walking through the greenhouse of Home Depot when a tray of dying plants shoved underneath a display shelf caught my eye. Kneeling down (and, aren't I the smart one, got the knees of my jeans wet because they just watered) and pushing aside the vining plants I saw an almost dead nep with two leaves, half scorched, the rest of the sorry plant eaten by who knows what. Since Im a softie, I just had to take it home.

Well, it recovered and its growing...and growing...and growing!! AAHHH! I had it in a little terrarium but it outgrew it so I stuck it on my bedroom windowsill. I think its a highland nep because it likes it better there. It hasn't reached full size yet (I hope it does....soon...) because each leaf keeps getting bigger.

THe leaves are an olive, bronzy green, foot long and 1/2 a foot wide, and has huge wavy margins. The pitchers are still immature, and the latest one was 3in tall. It has an olive green background, liberally splashed with bright red streaks, and has huge, wings in relation to the pitcher. THe wings have long fingers tipped with red. The peristome (lip) is medium in width, ridged, and candy cane striped with red. The lid is slightly vaulted, with a little spur on the connection of the peristome and the lid. It has red streaks too. Sorry no picture (stupid comp won't let me).

Thanks for looking! :)

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It is called pitcher plant or Cobra Lily. I got one also at H.D. from Nov-feb. the plant goes into dormancy. You can keep inside your terriume or what i do is to place it in you refrigerator in a plastic bag. take it out in march and pot it, water it and it will be ready for spring. You can also put it in a cool spot that gets about 40 degrees.

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Huh? It is definitely not a Darlingtonia or a Sarracenia pitcher plant. It sounds like a huge Nepenthes and I would love to see a picture of it. That would be the only way to ID it.

If it is a Nepenthes, it won't require a dormancy most likely, and forcing it into dormancy conditions will kill it for good.


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sahoyaref(Alberta z3a)

I'd say a nep. as well. Could be a hybrid, so we really would have to see a pitcher. I mean picture. =) You should also post your question on the carnivorous plant forum, as people there are much more expert. Or check the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Species guide of Neps

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Gianne911(Seattle WA)

Thanks for the replies you guys. I'll try to get a picture...I dunno, my computer has been acting really weird lately and spontaneously erases stuff...eek...I'll go looking on that one website for a "hopefully" matching pic. :)

And so the quest of identifying an orphan plant goes on...:) :) :)

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homer_zn5(z5 IN)

Without pics, it is hard to identify your Nepenthes, but one of the most common Nepenthes in the trade today is a highland hybrid known as 'Judith Finn.' It fits your description and size (at least in my experience, but I keep hacking mine back and giving away starts to friends), and the red coloration/streaking will increase with higher light levels.

I bought mine in decent shape as a small plant from Lowe's about 2 years ago, and it's going strong! Great plant, but if it is Judith Finn, the pitchers get to be about 8" tall in humid conditions (maybe larger, but, again, I keep hacking mine back). Good luck, and a good resource for you might be the Savage Garden by D'Amato. It is a must-have for any serious CP fanatic!

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Gianne911(Seattle WA)

Nice! 8 Inches! I hope mine is a Judith Finn, it would take the headache out of trying to ID it. Thanks for the info! :) I'll try to get my hands on a Savage Garden! :)

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Gianne911(Seattle WA)

Ok, ok, I figured out the pictures! Here is some pics of my unknown nep (most probably Judith Finn) The leaves are wet because I just washed it so it would be nice and sparkling clean for you guys! The pitcher is around 3in tall. It had a larger one last year but it died off:

And here is my other Nepenthes just for fun. I know that this one is a ventricosa, got it for a gift 4 years ago! I think this past summer has been the fastest I have ever seen it grow...just to give you an idea, the 1st day of summer, it had only 1 stem 8in high (I had to cut it back severely last year for room to breathe!) Now the thing has 2 climbing stems and 5 baby basal shoots...and Homer, I did buy a Savage Garden and DEVOURED it! Amazing guy, this Peter D'Amato!! WOW!!!

Close up of pitcher with hand for reference...nevermind the blue nail polish, lol, I couldn't say no to my friends:

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sahoyaref(Alberta z3a)

I see only the dreaded red X's! No pics. =(

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I copied the links directly into my browser and then every time after viewing the pictures that I went back to the GWeb window, they appeared in the thread.

Kinda funky-nice Nep, though!


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homer_zn5(z5 IN)

Oooh, not 'Judith Finn,' I have seen it before . . . the name will come to me before long. VERY NICE!

BTW, I had the same experience as Sam. That is a wierd occurrence.

Oh, nice ventricosa! Next time, when you hack it back, follow D'Amato's directions on rooting cuttings and share that new plant with a fellow CP nerd!

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Gianne911(Seattle WA)

Not a Judith Hindle? Than what IS it!?! :) Thank you soooo much, Homer. I hope the name will come to you soon! ;) I have been looking at lots of pictures of nepenthes, especially of their leaves. There are a ton of strap-shaped leaves, and N.Truncata is even squared off at the ends, but have had very little success with really wavy leaves. :( Don't worry, I have several people at home and on the net eyeing my plant, they will go to good homes, lol. :) It better be soon, getting too big for my little windowsill...

The search continues...

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Gianne911(Seattle WA)

I was searching and I was thinking about what I wrote..."and N. Truncata is even squared off at the ends..." when I realized that MINE is squared off at the ends, too! It's like the last "wave" of leaf pulls back on itself and attaches to the tip of the leaf to where the tendril starts. You can't see it in the picture of the whole plant because I had to cut of thed ends so it would fit in the picture, lol. I was looking around and there are a ton of different "types" of N. Truncata...some are all green, some have thin peristomes, some have thick ones...but they all have really wavy and "truncated" leaf ends. Could you guys look at the picture on the link? I know this pitcher in the picture (hahaha) is more red, and the edge of the pitcher is thicker and wavier, but mine is still a baby, it could develope more. Do you guys think my search is over?!?!

A lot of other things about the plant make sense too. It is a highland plant. It has large, very wavy leaves. And it grows EXTREMELY SLOWLY! (The ventricosa and the Noid were the same size at the begginning of the summer!) Please help me confirm if this is positive identification!

Here is a link that might be useful: Truncata?

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voodoolizard(z4 MN)

Sorry, you are not going to find a truncata at Home Depot.
What you have looks like a young Nepenthes "Miranda".


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Gianne911(Seattle WA)

I know, wishful thinking :/ Would be awesome, though! I'll go check up on "Miranda". I'm just going crazy 'cause I don't know what it is! :) Guess I got too excited when I saw the pic of that gargantuan pitcher...*sigh*

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Gianne911(Seattle WA)

I think my search is over! Thank you, Chris!! You really hit the nail on the head! N. "Miranda" fits perfectly! Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much! Now I can grow my plant in peace. :) :) (And start wishing for a N. truncata...and a N. spathulata x maxima...and a....and a.....and a....) :) :)

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