Thinning Broccoli Raab

amy_veggies(7)June 23, 2008

Hi there,

New to the community and first time SFGer. I started with one 4X4 and then added a 1X4 alongside it because I had extra Mel's Mix. My question is about thinning broccoli raab (rapini). I planted it 9 to a square, and the seeds were incredibly small. I put a pinch of seeds in each hole - and I think they're ALL germinating. It's kind of hard to see which to thin since I'm not familiar with how broccoli raab looks as it grows - is each individual thin stem a seed that has germinated? It looks like there are at least 5-7 stems coming from each space where I sowed the seeds. Do I snip them now (I started them on June 16) or let them get a little bigger?

Second question - I planted a square of bush beans on the same day and none of them have germinated - is this normal? Everything else I planted from seed has sprouted.

I'm loving the SFG method - my favorite part is how easy it is to pull a little weed if I see one (I did use weed cloth - so I imagine they got there by the wind).

Thank you so much for your advice.


Broccoli Raab

The whole garden (still waiting for my trellis netting to arrive in the mail, it wasn't available at any store where I live):

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Ray_Scheel(z8b/SS31 E. TX)

Let them get a little bigger to snip, but yes, you way over-planted in each hole. Watch for your beans to pop up soon

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Thank you, Ray. I hope they pop up soon! I'll be careful to plant less next time with those wee little seeds.

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