these veggies don't fall under SFG!

kawaiineko_gardener(5a)June 21, 2011

The typical spacings for SFG are listed below:

12" spacing=1 veggie per square foot

6" spacing=4 veggies per square foot

4" spacing=9 veggies per square foot

3" spacing (or less)=16" per square foot

Unfortunately some varieties of veggies I have with the final spacing (after they're thinned) don't fall under any of the spacings listed above. The questions I have are referring to plant spacing.

With some veggies, I could use the minimum spacing required after thinning; it gives a range (example my pak choi says 6"-8" spacing). However with some, you have to use the 8" spacing or the 10" spacing, because that is the bare minimum spacing you have to use.

Some are 10" spacing per veggie, others are

8" spacing per veggie. As a result, I don't know how many to plant per square foot, since they don't fall under the guidelines listed above. Can somebody give clarification with this?

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you round to next size up or you go to 2ft x2ft square
thus 9 to 2ftx2ft ,8in apart.

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