OKAY People ...

HoosierCheroKee(IN6)December 17, 2005

Okay, we got the nine vacuuous themes down at the bottom and ready to be ditched.

I need some help here. Anyone got any reasonable topics to enter?

For my part, the administrator can delete any of mine after we clean this chicken house of its foul content.


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barkeater(Z3b VT)

I'm sorry everyone. I mistakenly said to go to member services. I was wrong. Click on "Letters and Comments" at the bottom of this page. Then, click on the drop down menu. Then click on "Abuse of Forums" and type in "earlystart". Then inform the administrator that earlystart is tomatosunted that they just banned, and was originally known as chickenman2. Cite his latest abuse and just ask them to do something about it. They will.

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Wow! I can't believe what has been going on while I am away, doing the Christmas thing! Thank you for saving the recipe thread, guys! A BIG thank you. I could never recreate that.


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Yeah, that would've been a huge loss.

But I wish the administrators could retrieve the Bully 8-pound cherry tomato thread and punch it in place of this thread. It was a real classic.


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paquebot(Z-4b WI)

Yes, Barb, that was indeed rather thoughtful of earlystart to quickly pop in on the recipe thread with a question about tomato preserves. Put that one right back to the top along with several other threads deemed worthy of further viewing or comment! He was a bit more selective and considerate than some others.


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