bigorangevol(Nashville)March 23, 2008

I'm now in love with a new plant. The orange Clivia in San Diego & Escondido was awesome! Will it grow well in Nashville? Does anybody have some here that they might bring to the MTPS?

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amazindirt(7A mid-TN)

LOL!! (I'm laughing because I know you've read my posts over in the clivia forum. ;-) )

Clivia will grow well outside DURING THE SUMMER. They are NOT hardy.

I am starting a bunch of seedlings right now. Dunno if I'll have em for the spring swaps. But if you keep bugging me, I oughtta have at least one or two ready by fall.

Oh, but be aware: they often take five years to bloom from seed! Which is one reason why I'm only starting seeds that have a chance to be variegated!

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thedaylilykid(z 7)

I just saw my first clivia bloom in person here recently and it was AWESOME and orange!

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I have the orange clivia that you want. I live about 30 minutes from Henry Horton State Park in Shelbyville and am planning on attending the swap for the first time. I will divide my clivia since they are root bound anyway. I keep them in my office in the winter and on my covered patio in the summer. They bloom better when crowded, water only once a month during the winter and they like to be misted in the winter months. See ya there hopefully

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Oh Cindy, you are my new best friend!!!! Everything out in Escondido was beautiful last week but those orange Clivia were just over the top. I wanted to dig up the ones at the San Diego Zoo and make a run for the parking lot. They were everywhere in SoCal and growing like weeds.

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Doc we were at our friends house in Escondido and she had several. I asked her what they were and then we went in and hit GW to see if there was a forum. I told Teresa, "look someone is on here from East Doc!" So I posted on the Clivia forum but you didn't respond. The variegated orange is cool. Since they are part of the Amaryllis family (I have a hardy one) why wouldn't they overwinter if I plat them 6"-8" deep?

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madmouser(7 TN)

I'd love some mature Clivia. Ione has already promised me seedlings. I might even go to the Middle TN swap for those!
I grew up in Los Angeles and we had them all around the house. I'd love to have some in pots.
I can't imagine they'd overwinter here, just from the structure of the plant. Those fleshy leaves and roots aren't built to withstand cold.

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I will contact my friend who I got mine from. Several years ago I gave some to the local Menonites and they had good luck with them. I just overwinter mine either in my home but preferably in my office next to the from door that faces the east and I only water them once a month in the winter but I try to mist them regularly. I will ask my friend if she has any to contribute also, and she probably will, and will be glad to thin hers out. They get really thick roots and have to be divided maybe every two years or so. I am happy to thin mine since I am seeing babies coming up in the middle. I would love to get my hands on a yellow one but they do cost a lot more than my free ones (a lot more).
See everyone at the swap.

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amazindirt(7A mid-TN)

Jeff -- although these are in the amaryllis family, they are native to South Africa and will NOT survive a real freeze. And there is no bulb on a clivia, so there's no way to "plant 6-8" deep".

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