More doggie pics

loagiehoagie(S.E. Michigan)December 17, 2005

Ok, folks ...let's get some more of your doggie pictures! And cats or other pets are allowed as well. When it comes to loving our pets and fur-children we do not discriminate!

My dog Duke - taking a well deserved nap!

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thats one spoiled dog!!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Duane, Thanks for sharing...just can't get enough pics of everyone's extended families.

I GOT A NEW PUPPY TODAY! Yes I'm hollering. I'm so happy to have 'found' her at a local farm store. A local rescue person brings them in, in the hopes of them finding good homes. She's a chow mix of some sort. The rescuer said she possibly has some shepherd in her as well. She's about 10 weeks old. I paid a fee for her to be spayed once she's old enough.

I'll try and post pics later, as she needs a name yet, and thought yall might help me name her.


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suze9(z8b Bastrop Co., TX)

Awwwwww. What a darlin' doggie.

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You asked for it.
Duane I just love that dog of yours.

Here is a real old cat her name is Pinky

This is Foot he is camera shy.

Bullet checking on the BBQ pit that I built. Notice cat in window?

Here is that same cat on the old 1950 GMC that I learned how to drive in.
His name is Big T.

And last but fattest Fuzz Tail the only time she stops eating is to get her picture taken.

This is my Family bearcat and sweet pea are out hunting I cant wait to see what they bring me maybe a nice fat snake or tasty little bat.


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griley(z5 Chicago)

Daisy dog

Daisy and her friend, Chloe

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griley(z5 Chicago)

I'm so glad to hear about your puppy! I know she'll have a great home with you. Gina

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loagiehoagie(S.E. Michigan)

Keep em comin' folks! What a super looking bunch of dawgs and cats. Sue, Contrats on the new addition! A puppy at Christmas perfect. The winter is actually a great time to get a pup, easier to potty train in snow and cold than in warm spring mud!

Griley, Thanks for posting that pic of our Daisy and Chloe again! Sweet animals. I love 'em!

Worth, your pics are awesome. I especially like the one of Big T on your '50 Gmc! That is a picture for a farm calender if I ever seen one. You got an eye with the camera,...thats fer sure.


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griley(z5 Chicago)

Oops! Sorry...forgot I posted it before.

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How bout Chow Hound Sue ? You will probably rather name her something more loving or dramatic, but if she were around here and had a real hunger in her, she would probably learn that as her nick name, at least.
Great pet pics. I like them.
Lady continues to amaze me, I found some house brand weinies on sale for 59 cents per package. Lots of time, those are not much better than dog food, but we know that major manufacturers put different store lables on some of their products for them to sale. These must have been made by oscar mayer, you can hardly tell any difference in them and the brand name that sells for about $3.79 per package. Well I bought six packages at a time, the dogs love them chopped up in a can of food, or, I keep a few pkgs. in the fridge in the shed where they are handy to grab one or two and break them into four pieces for doggie treats. Lady and her brother will really work their tails off retreiving a ball (or just about anything else) to earn an occasional treat of a piece of weinie. What I found interesting is that with very little encouragement and guideance, they evolved to taking turns to retrieve the tennis ball that I throw as far as I can. Lady is smaller, faster and more agile than Prince and when they both go for the ball, she gets it most every time, and if he happens to get it, they almost get into a fight over it, so it is better for them to take turns.
She wanted to go outside a little after 11 the other night. After awhile I wanted to go to bed and went to the side kitchen door to see if she was there waiting. She was not, but I could her barking and knew that she had treed something way out back. I found clothes, shoes and a flash light and went to investigate. She had a big ol possum treed on the top rail of the six foot chainlink fence on the back side of the garden. They use that as a highway for about 100 feet to get from one neighbors shed to the next one up the way. I took a bamboo pole and gave the possum a sharp whack on the back of the neck, knocking him off the fence into the garden. She had him by the neck by the time he hit the ground. I picked him up by the tail and the danged thing must have weighed between 10 and 15 pounds. Then I had him in the right hand and the flash light and cane pole in the left hand and it was quite a trick to get the gap gate open at the north end of the garden with the thing doubleing back up to try to bite my hand and grabbing every thing that got close enough, trying to open the live trap with my left hand to dump him into that.
The possum relocation program is in full gear right now.
This one was not as pretty as the last one, but when I hauled him off to a suitable place, let the tailgate on the truck down and pulled the live trap out onto it and pointed it toward the woods and opened the door, he hopped right on the ground and quickly dissappeared into the underbrush. Reminded me of an obedient dog. Here is a picture of him.
Bill P.

Lady has to hang as close to me as possible, is always curious about what I am dong, has to oversee everything like a supervisor. I had made a little modification to the front scoop bucket on my garden tractor so that I can do some back blading or drag stuff back, and she is intently checking it out here.

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cyn3(z8 TX)

This is actually an answer to someone's question about Poppy's photos. I did change out the photobucket photos so I guess they did not stay in the emails - that is a bit annoying. I'll post some this week as I have time. She is now close to 30 pounds...and quite full of herself.

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Perhaps I forgot to tell you Cyn (but I thought that I did) if you move or change the pictures after you post a link to them, it breaks that link and they will not show up any more there.
Sounds like Poppy is growing rapidly!
Bill P.

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jimster(z7a MA)

This is Pepper. He died last month at age 16. He was a miniature schnauzer.
He belonged to my father-in-law and became mine when FIL died.

Pepper was a wonderful, loving guy. We were great pals and he went everywhere with me.
As you can see, he was cute and when we were out, people were constantly coming up to
speak with us. That was one of things he liked most.


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Hi All,

Here is another birthday picture of Ziggy and Momo. The one I posted a while ago was from two years ago.

Momo is a chocolate and Ziggy is a curly coated retriever. For those of you not familiar with CCRs, here is a profile picture of Ziggy. CCRs are great breeds. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.



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Ziggy and Momo are absolutely hilarious in their party hats! I laughed so hard my own dog had to come over and take a look. Great picture.

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loagiehoagie(S.E. Michigan)

Sasha is a beauty!

Sue, where is the picture of your new puppy?...we are waiting...///

I just love that pic of Momo. Another sweet lab. You can just see the gentle loving nature in their eyes.


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griley(z5 Chicago)

I'm sorry about Pepper. I know how you must miss him. I love the picture you posted...what a lovely reminder of him. gina

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bully(S.E. Michigan)

My bully Fred enjoying a nice slice of Ernesto

Freddie playing with his favorite toy, the base is filled with 200lb of sand.The whole thing spins and he loves trying to destroy it. He's popped basketballs and socer balls and just about everything else. Because it spins away he can't get a bite on it...yet.
Hey there's Mrs. Bully in the backround picking up after the girls LOL I'd help out but somebody has to write these inane posts LOL

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loagiehoagie(S.E. Michigan)

Jim, I had a doggie as a kid named Pepper. Your Pepper looks a little like him. Sorry about you losing him this year.

One of my cats, Ashley, had to be put down in Sept and it was rough. Had her for 13 years. Not easy loving those little critters and losing 'em.


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Great doggie pics, and related comment.

Although I have mentioned Lady's brother Prince some, I have really not shown a picture of him that I remember. It is kinda hard to get them together and still long enough to get a shot of them, without posing them. I caught them while ago while taking some pics. of my composting area and operations. Now is the building time with all them shredded leaves and the greens from the supermarket dumpster. I combined them, along with some active pile and it is really cooking. This morning with an ambient temp of 30*, it did not take but a few seconds for the thermometer with the probe on it to climb to about 170*. That will peak in a day or so and hang in aound 150, then 120 etc. As I continue to add in a combination of shredded leaves and greens it will heat up again etc. etc. untill I quit building and let it sit. Wait awhile and tear it all up with the tiller and repile it, then it will heat up some again untill it is just fine, finished compost to help grow some more good maters.
Bill P.

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goddessemer6(z9a NV)

I have two ferrets, I'll try and get a picture posted of my boys Butch the Bruiser and Old Man! I also had a female named Cecelia but she passed on from spleen disease this last October, on my birthday no less, I miss her terribly. I'll have to figure out the picture thing and post pics of my fuzzy, furry ferret babies.


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Here's the clan again. 7 yo sons Jack and Jett on left, 12 yo mom Jill in middle, 5 yo daughter Cari and son Patrick on right (hockey fans, Patrick's AKC name is Cascade Avalanche).

This is Cari (Cascade Charisma). I called her 'Cookie' as a pup, but she was renamed by her new owners (she went back to the stud dog's owners in Wisconsin). I bought her back at 7 months old as they said she wouldn't hunt. She really hated kennel life, wanted more personal 'people' attention...and she hunts just fine, thank you. :-)

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loagiehoagie(S.E. Michigan)


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Ok...I got yet another new (to me) puppy last summer. Her name is Kiley. She came prenamed from the shelter.

She is quite smart and is some sort of a chow mix. Her tongue is solid purple. She learned how to 'lay down' and roll over' just by watching Lucky (another furbaby) do it on command.


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This is Booger.
2 yr. old Bassett and spoiled rotten!

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tom8olvr(Z5 MA)

Old thread, but I had to share my girls:

Meghan in the front and Chili in the back.

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