Prettiest Spring Blooming Tree?

tnrobMarch 28, 2013

In your opinion, what is the prettiest spring blooming tree in East Tennessee? I'm looking for something with really bright pink/red blooms.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

If you have kids, which is your favorite....I don't know how to pick just one. I can say that if I were picking a tree for my yard, I'd look at other factors besides just which one was prettiest. For instance, if I were picking a crabapple, I'd be sure to pick a broad-spectrum disease resistant cultivar (I could give you a list if you decided to go with a crabapple). I probably wouldn't choose a cherry/Prunus, because they are generally pest- and disease-proned and short-lived. If I were going to plant a redbud, I'd be very careful to choose one with a good branching habit to start with, and make sure I was committed to training it well to avoid poor crotch angles.

I am impressed by some of the large beautiful deciduous magnolias I see occasionally. I don't know that they are the most beautiful, but they're definitely one of my favorites.

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heathersgarden(6b/7a Mid TN)

You know, for years I thought Yoshino cherries were just the most breathtaking, with their glowing, almost ethereal pale blossoms... But now I'm glad I have a purple leaf plum instead. The blooms are fragrant, and even when they are fading, the rich color of the emerging leaves keeps the tree looking attractive and interesting. I agree with Brandon that the Prunus family has it's share of problems, but sometimes they're just irresistible;)

There are a couple trees in my neighborhood that have an intense fuschia pink bloom, but I'm not sure if they're crabapples or cherries. They are traffic stoppers for sure though!

Otherwise a tulip magnolia should give you some Spring blooming options in your preferred color.

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myrtleoak(z7 TN)

For your requested color range, redbuds are hard to beat. They are also both native and quite drought/heat tolerant. Forest Pansy is a nice variety with red foliage (at least through spring). Red buckeye is also nice.

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Redbuds are by far my favorite spring flowering tree. Dogwoods get all the glory but Redbuds imho outshine them by far! Given a good placement (full sun,plenty of room, well fertilized, etc) a Redbud tree not only blooms sooner in the spring (usually before anything else), but it also has a very showy display or lovely purple flowers everywhere! Not many trees that I know of can shoot flowers out from branches like a Redbud.
The one drawback of the Redbud is that they are a shortlived tree and require alot of deadwooding (removal of dead/dying branches). But if you don't mind going that extra yard, you WILL be rewarded with an early spring show that will make your neighbors envious!

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