Square Seamless Glass or acrylic Terrarium?

Jeffrey SchneiderDecember 11, 2006


I really want to create a very modern/Japanese terrarium like I had seen in MSL years ago. A square glass terrarium with soil mounded in the middle, moss, ferns, a few acorns.

Would anyone know where I could find a completely seamless square aquarium or terrarium (preferably in glass, would consider acrylic if the glass wasn't available.) I've seen nothing on the web.

Thank you!!!!

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jlogan2664(z10 FL)

If you pick up a copy of Aquarium Fish Magazine or Tropical Fish Hobbyist, you should find ads in there for companies that make custom acrylic aquariums. You might also want to check online. I have an 18" x 18" x 18" terrarium that is meant for reptiles that I got from Drs. Foster and Smith's website, however it does have a frame around the top and bottom. What I like about it is that it has a screen on the top to let in fresh air and it has doors that open on the front for easy access. You can also put like 4" of water in it if you wanted to do a combination land/water setup but if you want something totally seamless and frameless, this is not for you.

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I think that you might want to go with an acrylic aquarium as they are the only ones youll find with the seemless feature your looking for, Ive seen seemless glass aquariums, but not man, also keep in mind that an acrylic aquarium will scratch very easily! So be very carefull when placing the rocks and such inside the set up! =) Take a ride down to you local Pet Center, if they are a larger store you will no doubt find what your looking for and save a ton on shipping too!

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Jeffrey Schneider

That was my concern with the acrylic.

I know a seamless glass cube will be rather expensive. However, if i want a very modern aesthetic, I'll have to bit the bullet.

For example, has anyone seen any LARGE square vases that could serve as a aquarium/terrarium?

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Ill keep an eye out but remember that a large seemless square vase will more than likely be very expensive and very, very, very fragile! are you willing to chance the vase arriving broken? I know for a fact that when an item is marked "FRAGILE" the USPS people take it out back and use it as a hockey puck in their annual "Christmas hockey game" LOL!

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RE: Large glass. IF not made for express aquarium/terrarium purposes it has been my experience (huge round vases) that they break easily. In my case, it was the thicker glass and thinner walls causing stress and cracks. One I silicone and now has a betta in it. Time and again this would happen. The thick carries heat/cool different from the thin and it cracks. Even when cleaning with warm water, first one cracked right after I stopped.... My sister told me this, she used to do party arrangements so on. Best Sherry

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Jeffrey Schneider

I'll look around a bit more, but a short, very wide bottomed cylindrical vase may be my only option. I think this will still create the modern aesthetic I'm looking for.

I'll be using the vase as a terrarium (I posted the question here figuring the aquarium enthusiasts would have particular insight into different types of tanks).

I have no problem finding vases here in NYC. Many hardware stores carry hugh selections.

However, if anyone has any more suggestions regarding a square...

Thank you!!

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I don't know if you have a Michaels Craft Store but they carry a large selection of oversized vases, wine glasses (I mean huge!!) and other interesting glass products which seem to be very sturdy.

Good Luck!

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My local fish store have a few small seamless glass aquariums that he use for saltwater. I thinks only the front corners are seamless.

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dellis326 (Danny)

Find a glass blower in your area (google). Make sure they will make sure the piece is properly annealed. They may ask you to pay for the practice pieces as well. Never clean handmade glass with hot water, thermal shock is no fun.

It will probably be expensive. Feel good about supporting your local artists rather then sending more money off to china!

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I have seen large glass napkin holders that are square, but you would need to figure out an interesting top for it. Unless you were thinking open top..

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eBay sells a FINNEX seamless glass aquarium (4 gallons).

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