Over-crowded; what should I do?

AverageJo(6)June 14, 2012

I just planted my garden today and I did something really stupid. I had five germinated pea plants that I put in and started wrapping up a trellis. Then, because I'm doing SFG, and I remember reading that 9 could fit in one square, I added two garden bean seeds and 2 zucchini seeds. They are both bush plants. I know I can grow the zucchini up and if I'm smart about it, I might be okay. But with the beans and peas and zucchini together, there's not enough room! So, do I wait for the seeds to germinate and then just thin all the garden beans out or should I try to see if they can all grow in that little 1' x 1' square? Help!

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nancydobs(z3 WI)

I've always found that a zucchini takes a 2' X 2' area - can you wait for things to germinate and then move the zuke someplace else? The peas & beans will be fine together. But overcrowding the zuke will lead to powdery mildew. Better to thin or relocate than to lose it all. It's only 2 seeds lost!

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