Realize what today is?

bigorangevol(Nashville)April 16, 2009

After three solid days of pouring over the depressing documentation that we are miserably poor, our taxes are finished.

Now on the the cool stuff...

30 days, 9 hours and 30 minutes from now we'll all be swapping plants, hanging out, meeting new friends, getting reacquainted with old ones and generally having a blast!

If you haven't started potting stuff up then you better get cracking; you know this is going to be on top of us before you know it!!!

Again, if you are planning on attending the MTPS then please go to the website and register if you haven't already. I understand that some folks are still undecided and some don't yet know if they can make it or not. There's no drop-dead date so you still have 30 days.

We're almost five figures poorer tonight than we were yesterday but we're still excited about the swap! If you got a big tax refund and don't know what to do with it...The Jeff & Lavonne Toothman Mortgage Payment Fund is a VERY worthwhile cause to contribute to!!! I see a lot of beans and taters in our future.

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ladybug37091(z7 Tennessee)

I feel your pain, Jeff. We have three teenagers. The two oldest are no longer tax deductable but are huge expenses. It is a good thing beans are easy to grow. : ) The good news is we can garden on the cheap, see old friends, make new ones and put the thought of sore muscles and empty pockets out of mind for a day.

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maternut(7 west tn)

Please pay quickly Jeff so this old man can get a five figure stimulus check. You know I need all the stimulation I can get. Maybe I can buy a potato and plant in the garden.
Your poor friend Norm

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