experimenting withthe idea of a terrarium.

lorieuDecember 5, 2007

i am moving to CO from TN and am thinking about getting a terrarium for my orchids. where can i get a good terrarium, what is the best way to plant plants in a terrarium? it looks like people are talking about using old aquariums as terrariums. how does that work? where does the drainage exit if using this? any tips on what i should do?

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There doesn't have to be drainage in an aquarium (except for pebbly substrate) as long as the humidity is high (generally from having a lot of plants inside), but in CO, it's SO dry, you might have to water a bit more often than usual, just use less water (so it doesn't pool in the bottom). But I'd also be concerned about lack of air circ. and bugs in such an environment - orchids demand lots of good ventilation. I might even call orchid societies in CO to see how they deal with the environment there - it might be better to have them out of the terr. but in an other well humidified room.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

I had a resident for a few days who kept orchids (I'm an RA in CO) she used a humidity tray, like a tray filled with sharp cut gravel and placed the orchids on top, it seemed to work well although I've no idea what kinds she was keeping.

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Air circulation is a must for any orchids. Think how they grow in the wild with the wind blowing on them.My orchids in the greenhouse have fans for air circulation.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

What type of orchids do you want to grow?? That's sort of like saying you want to grow plants lol Terrests of Epis?? There are many kinds that will love a terrarium atmosphere will others will croak overnight .lol
Aquariums can and do work but they have a lot of faults again depending on what you want to grow .
There are some great sites on setups for different types of orchids. if interested. gary

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