Are these plants good choices?

vmacaulay0December 30, 2011

I just put together my first terrarium. I just wanted to try it out with something super simple, so I only planted Anubias Nana in a closed container for now. So far, so good. My first question is, how steamy is too steamy? There aren't any water drops forming or anything, but the walls of my container are slightly clouded.

Other small plants aren't available in my area right now, but I have plans to make a larger terrarium in the spring. I've done plenty of reading but I still feel unceratin on plant combinations. For my next, larger terrarium, I'd like to use peacock moss, male fern, and possibly viola hederacea or sinningia pusilla. Is it a bad idea to add a flowering plant in with moss and fern? I love African violets as well, but I've read that those are a tough to care for. I love the idea of flowers but I'm not sure if it's a good idea or not. I want my terrarium to be visually interesting. Perhaps moss with either fern or one flowering plant would be best? Any advice would be appreciated!

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Anubias are a genus of semi aquatic plants native to SE Asia. They are frequently used in aquariums as well as terrariums Can't be too steamy lol. Mine have been underwater since 01. Have never grown them dry but have used them in paludariums. good choice as an easy care plant. You can't overwater for sure lol.
Probably the best choices for terrariums are plants from lowland tropical areas. Don't require seasonal changes or dormant periods.generally tolerate low light and best of all appreciate high humidity. Those you mention are good choices.
Many people keep AV in terraria but not me though I grow them in pots in the Main problem was disease due to excess humidity. there are dozens of other gesneriads that LOVE terraria lol
To me the main reason to keep terraria is flowering plants , why couldn't you mix them??
The main limitations on plants is size and moisture requirements and of course light and the size of the container, obviously.
To me the most visually interesting are graduated levels of plantings going from water features up into "Canopy" gardens emulating rainforests.
Love the growth on growth look.!!
Good luck gary

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I have a problem my plants get to dry and die I have everything needed as I have gone by several sources but they just do not keep damp enough I spray it now 2 time a week trying to save the little plant thats still left but I just do not understand why it does not condensate. My house is not dry I grow other plant like orchids, A.Violets, and I just can not figure out why the terrarium just will not keep itself damp. the moss looks great so If anyone can give me some pointers on what I might be doing wrong and what I can do please I would really thank each one of you.

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paul_(z5 MI)

AVs are breeze in a terr provided you have adequate light and air circulation. In fact, I have trouble keep AVs alive anywhere EXCEPT in a terr. In my terrs the only issue I typically have is their getting too big too fast.

A cautionary note about ferns ... IME, most ferns get too tall for the average tank and all of them will try to take over the entire tank if not weeded regularly. Just something to keep in mind.

That "steamy" look can be reduced or eliminated if you ensure that you have some decent air circulation. PC fans work well and are easy use.

Julie, I would suggest you start your own thread instead of adding on to this one. Because your question is different than that of the OP, I think you would be more likely to get answers pertinent to your situation that way. Also more info would be very helpful and pictures if you can manage. There are any number of possible issues but without knowing more, giving advice is difficult. So start a new thread. If you can include some photos that would be great. Explain thoroughly what your set up is like -- what media, depth of media, watering regime, lighting used/light source, size of tank/container, is the tank open/closed/partially open and if so how much, and so forth.

Happy planting!

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