Selaginella and PDFs

sahoyaref(Alberta z3a)December 7, 2004

At first I thought it was the perfect groundcover. Low-growing, fast-growing, easier than moss, and more quickly established into a nice carpet. But now mine is growing taller, and is more of a thick dense mat or low shrubbery than a nice low carpet. So basically I'm wondering how on earth PDFs can hop around on/in this stuff! Wouldn't their little legs get all tangled in it? So far my little selaginella shrubs are about 2" deep (tall), and they cover most of the ground surface area of my terrarium. I do really like the way it looks, so I wouldn't want to remove all of it when I eventually get PDFs, but has anyone found it to be a problem? Could I just keep it trimmed or 'mowed' shorter when the time comes? Any thoughts?

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homer_zn5(z5 IN)

Mine don't have any problem at all tromping all over the Selaginella kraussina 'aurea' or the Selaginella uncinata (rainbow club moss). Now, I do have some artillery plants that are now a little unruly and have become quite a barrier to travelling. However, they use that as a hiding place . . . go figure.

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sahoyaref(Alberta z3a)

Ah, good, I was hoping that you would be the one to tell your experience! The S. kraussiana 'aurea' is exactly the one I have, and I'll be ordering some S. uncinata from Black Jungle in a couple weeks. Perfect! I keep the fittonia argyroneura nana as a hiding place for the future froggies. I figure it will make a nice shaded forest for them. =) I've also got a Pilea, but not the one you have. I can see how yours would be unruly after awhile! Mine will make another small forest, I think. Thanks!

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mrbreeze(z6/7 OK)

And since you've seen how fast and easily it grows in terrariums, there's not an issue with trimming it back. In fact you may have to anyway. Mine tends to creep up the sides of the tank eventualy. More often then not I just push it down w/ my fingers but you can easily cut and move it around or just prune. Fun stuff!

(wish i could help w/ your frog/mulch thread...but i don't know anything other then pure speculation)

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ladybug_guam(z11 Guam)

For the life of me I can't make them grow in my terrarium! I bought 5 kinds of Selaginellas and slowly they all died!
the rest of the plants are doing great! The Ficus quercifolia is taking over as groundcover, the Nephrolepis
and all the others but Selaginellas die on me! :( Is there something I'm doing wrong?
Ana :)

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sahoyaref(Alberta z3a)

I'm so jealous of your quercifolia!!!! Next summer I'm getting one. . . or two! I have no idea why your selaginellas would be dying! You have such great humidity over there naturally, and that seems to be the key issue with selaginella. That and staying moist all the time. I had a couple bits die on me when I switched to bark, but now it's all adjusted and doing great. I feel your pain. . . =(

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ladybug_guam(z11 Guam)

I tell you what, after the Holidays, I'll be ready to prune it and I'll get you a bunch of cuttings your way, send me an e-mail with your address and they'll be on the way.
Ana :)

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Whoa, F. quercifolia is really cool! I like anything that looks like Oak though so...PDFs are really cool too. I wish I could take pics of the setup that East Bay Vivarium has for them. They have a tall narrow cage with a lot of plants growing on the wall on tree fern mounts. The little guys seem really happy in there. Very cool. Post pics when you get your PDFs.


Good luck, and I do not know if you have Home Depots up there but I just found S. uncinata at my local one about a month or so ago.

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sahoyaref(Alberta z3a)

Alex: Well, if you mean me 'up here' =) we do have Home Depots, and I love them! Right now they have two varieties of selaginella in little Christmas arrangements. 'Gold Tips' and 'White Tips'. I forget the species. They were looking a little dry though, and I have enough selaginella! =) And BTW, I won't be getting PDFs for a very long time, so don't hold your breath. =)

Ana: ooooooo, I don't know. It's very tempting, but. . . illegal. You would have to not label it 'live plants' or they'd stop it at the border, and even if I got them I'd feel guilty. . . I'll just buy one (or two!) from Rob's next summer. =) Thanks for the offer though!

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viv_guy(z9 CA)

some selaginella will grow taller if the lighting is weak.
also for "rainbow moss" you should spend about 4.00 per plant, which is cheap, cut the root ball in half, and once it's established, you could take cuttings and let them take over placing a small peice of orchid bark on the node of each section, this comresses it down. in the wild, the plant has wind to keep it low, bright light to make it spread. in a vivarium you should try to duplicate that.

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erk120(z6/7 SoNJ)

I have to say first of all I'm not in the fourm very much at all but when I wanted to get info on my Selaginella uncinata this tread popped up. Anyways I know most of you are in to terrarium growing, but I have to tell you I have S. uncinata in a 12" bowl pot as a hanger and it is great. In the summer time it goes outside and as the amount of light it gets through the day changes the colors shift from blue/green to red/pink to green/gold. It goes back in the house in the winter and it all shifts back to blue/green. Funny thing, a set of Jersey tree frogs moved in to it last summer. Very cool plant, any tips would be cool thanks in advance.

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