Best Plants for Terrarium?

moonstruckeliseDecember 17, 2008

I just purchased a vintage globe terrarium on a pedestal (it's plastic and is about 24-30" in diameter). I've never used a terrarium before and I was wondering what plants are both attractive and grow well in terrariums. I don't want to put a lot in there, maybe just two or three small plants and then some other decorative things. I have a full wall of windows to put it by, so it should get plenty of light, it has a small opening at the top that can be closed, and it can come apart into two halves so that I can put it outside uncovered if needed. Also, it has a crack running from the bottom middle to just the bottom half of the globe, will this cause me any problems?

I would appreciate any and all suggestions, thanks in advance!

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English Ivy is a good plant, though it may need trimming a couple times per year. Any of the Micro-mini Sinningias also do well in terrariums if you want a 2-3 inch diameter plant. Fittonia species are another good plant, as are Polka-dot Plants.
You probably do want to seal that crack somehow.

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paul_(z5 MI)

A # of possibilities. I'd suggest perusing the FAQ as well as searching this forum. :)

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