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ezzirah011(7a)June 17, 2012

I was curious, I was reading Mel's book, and he recommends a spacing of 9 bush bean plants per square feet. I cannot see how that would work and the plants still be productive and produce all that they can. Same with onions, an onion per inch is way small. I planted onion sets every three inches and found that spacing to be adequate.

My question is this...does everyone follow the spacing recommendations? If so, how does things turn out?


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gumby_ct(CT it says Z5)

IF this is your 1st time, give it a try you may be surprised.

Generally speaking, I think you can go by the label spacing for between plants. Also trellis so you can grow up.

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I have used the 9 plant spacing for bush beans and feel that it is the beast spacing. While the beans themselves do not seem to reach optimum yield, the group yield is very good and weed control is great.


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angela12345(7b NC Mixed-Humid)

I also follow the SFG spacing recommendations for the most part. If the bush beans seed packet says to plant with 4" spacing between the plants, then that is 9 per square. 12"/4" = 3 = which would be planted 3 rows of 3 per square foot. I trellis as much as I can ... tomatoes, melons, cucumber, peas, pole beans, and easily follow the guidelines for spacing on the trellised items.

Onions I did not think are every inch ? That would be 144 per square. Onions I thought were 16 per square, which is 3" spacing; or 36 per square for scallions, which is 2" spacing.

Why this works is the mix of soil in the garden. You are using 1/3 compost from 5 different types (cow, chicken, mushroom, worm, and composted lawn clippings, for example) which will be rich in a variety of nutrients. You are using 1/3 vermiculite which retains water and keeps the soil moist. You are using 1/3 peat moss which adds bulk and provides proper drainage.

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ezzirah011 looks like some one was not reading book correctly.
angela12345 numbers are correct.

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